Jim Carrey Was Trained By The CIA To Play Grinch And Not Many Fans Know About It

Jim Carrey Was Trained By The CIA To Play Grinch And Not Many Fans Know About It

As crazy as it sounds, it is true.

We can say without any doubt that Hollywood has a unique ability to grant us a few hours of peace amid a world that is diving headfirst into chaos. Perhaps it is the industry's most significant strength, but very rarely, as viewers, we think just how much effort goes into while making these movies. Keeping aside the stories about Stanley Kubrick's hundreds of takes or James Cameron's insanity, sometimes the most difficult movies come from the ones who are not auteurs. Sometimes, the entertaining movies that we don't put much thought into are the ones that push actors to their breaking points. 





Carrey has played has a lot of crazy roles but it was the role of Grinch that nearly broke him. The Grinch's defining characteristic is his grumpiness and it turns out that playing the furry, Christmas-hating recluse didn't have a very positive effect on the actor. Carrey revealed that he had to go through torture endurance training to survive the “horrendous” filming. In a conversation with Graham Norton on his BBC1 chat show tonight, Carrey said, "The makeup took eight and a half hours. It was like being buried alive each day. On the first day, I went back to my trailer, put my leg through the wall, and told director Ron Howard I couldn’t do the movie."



He continued, "So a guy that trained CIA operatives how to endure torture was brought in. That’s how I got through it.” For Howard and his partner, Hollywood producer Brian Grazer, Carrey dropping out of the movie meant the end of the film itself. Dr. Seuss's widow, Audrey Geisel, had sold them the rights basing on the idea that Carrey would portray the role. 



Grazer, in his book Left of Boom, recounted, saying, "We had to keep the makeup, and we had to keep Jim—but we had to find a way to make it possible for him to endure something that felt like being tortured." Grazer would call upon his old friend from the CIA who specialized in teaching people how to endure torture. Grazer told The Daily Beast, "We had an actor being held prisoner by his costume—he was being tortured by his makeup. Maybe the CIA specialist could teach Jim Carrey to survive the green Grinch makeup the way he'd taught spies to survive hostile interrogation?"



After the CIA agent arrived, he and Carrey locked themselves in a room for the majority of the weekend. The instructor taught the different methods CIA agents use to frame their thinking, distract themselves from pain and discomfort, and how to overcome the panic and discomfort Carrey felt while wearing the Grinch costume. Later on, Carrey would look back to his weekend of CIA training and term it as 'quite hilarious'. After wanting to quit the first day, Carrey went on to wear the Grinch make up for a hundred more days of filming. And it was absolutely worth it. The movie went on to gross $345 million in theaters and won an Oscar for, yes, you guessed it right, best makeup.

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