John Legend, Kelly Clarkson Rewrite Christmas Classic 'Baby It’s Cold Outside' And Fans Aren't Happy

John Legend, Kelly Clarkson Rewrite Christmas Classic 'Baby It’s Cold Outside' And Fans Aren't Happy

The duo changed the lyrics of the 1944 Oscar-winning holiday classic by making it more suitable for younger audiences while showing support for the #metoo movement.

It came as a pleasant surprise to all when John Legend and Kelly Clarkson announced that they would be teaming up for a new festive duet this holiday season. The dynamic singing duo decided upon a revamped take on "Baby, It's Cold Outside" as their choice in bringing the Christmas spirit to life.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" is an Oscar-winning holiday class that was written in 1944 by Frank Loesser which gained wide recognition in 1949 when it was performed in the film Neptune's Daughter. While the lyrics make no mention of any holiday, it is popularly regarded as a Christmas song owing to its winter theme. The song has since been covered numerous times by many veterans in the industry including Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, and Rod Stewart among many others.



However, since 2009, the song has faced some criticism for the presumed implications of its lyrics. In 2018, the airing of the song was canceled by a number of radio stations, such as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's streaming service, due to listeners' concerns about the lyrics, but later reinstated it after public backlash.

Cleveland's Star 102 host Glenn Anderson said that the lyrics were deemed "no longer appropriate" which the male singer conveying a bit of innuendo that was considered sexually explicit.



The song features a male voice urging his female date to stick around and get “closer” despite her protests that she “really can’t stay.” While she sings “I ought to say no, no, no,” he responds, “What’s the sense in hurting my pride?”.

This "lack of consent" has been taken as an issue, particularly in the #MeToo era where we do not entertain the same kind of sexually offensive jargon as they did in the last century. This has led to John Legend and Kelly Clarkson teaming up with actress and writer Natasha Rothwell on modifying the lyrics to provide a more balanced sense of control. 



The revised song will feature on Legend's upcoming Christmas album 'A Legendary Christmas: The Deluxe Edition' where the lines are less threatening in nature. e “I really can’t stay (Baby it’s cold outside)/ I’ve gotta go away (I can call you a ride)/ This evening has been (so glad that you dropped in)/ So very nice (time spent with you is paradise)/ My mother will start to worry (I’ll call a car and tell ‘em to hurry).” are the tweaked lyrics.

Legend will record alongside Oscar-winning singer's Voice co-star Kelly Clarkson who will provide the vocals for the female role. Further down along the song, the female sings about what her friends will think if she stays for another drink to which Legend chivalrously responds “It’s your body and your choice.”



When the collaboration between Legend and Clarkson was announced, fans were excited and enthusiastic. But with the new rendition of their favorite Christmas classic, not everyone has reacted with support in favor of it.

There are those on one end who say that this is unacceptable and what they are doing is "pandering to snowflakes". And you also have people, who don't particularly like the innuendo in the original lyrics, but claim they should leave Christmas classics alone.



Speaking on CBS This Morning on Tuesday, Gayle King — who famously defended the original song last year — admitted that the new lyrics make her “gnash my teeth to powder.” “That was just a flirtatious, fun song on both sides,” she continued.

“You have to look at the intent of the song back then. They’re flirting with each other, he doesn’t want her to go, she kinda doesn’t want to go and it’s just a fun song. But good on John Legend and Kelly Clarkson.”


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