Johnny Depp Is Reportedly Returning As Captain Jack Sparrow For 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'

Johnny Depp Is Reportedly Returning As Captain Jack Sparrow For 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'

According to a new report, Disney is reconsidering to bring back Johnny Depp for the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Johnny Depp might be reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow for Disney's sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, according to We Got This Covered report. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has earned around $4.5 billion, not to forget that the character of Captain Jack Sparrow has become a pop culture icon. Because of the recent revelations that have surfaced between Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard, it has been reported that Disney is looking to bring back the 56-year-old actor on board. 


It has been reported that Chernobyl co-creator Craig Mazin is writing the script along with Todd Elliott, but almost nothing is known about the creative direction of the sixth edition of Pirates of the Caribbean apart from the desire to cast a female lead. A lot of fans of the franchise were deeply upset when Johnny Depp was dropped from the character of Jack Sparrow, but in the light of recent incidents, we might just get him back. According to the sources of We Got This Covered, the recent developments that surfaced in the legal battle between Depp and Heard gained him massive support from the public and it has made the executives of Disney rethink their decision.  


Even if Depp decides to return, it is reported that he will play more of a supporting role, rather than the lead. It is not known yet how he will factor in the story, but it is certainly a big possibility that he will make a return, even more so after there have been multiple petitions for him to make a return. In 2016, it was rumored that Disney distanced itself from Depp because of the abuse allegations brought on by Amber Heard against Depp was made public. Pictures of Heard surfaced where it showed she had bruises and the actress claimed that those marks were caused by Depp throwing his phone at her. Depp has consistently denied any claims of the abuse. Heard received a $5 million payment from Depp when he signed a non-disclosure agreement, which was a part of the couple's divorce settlement. 



The fifth installment of the franchise, Dead Man Tell No Tales was the lowest-grossing movie of the entire franchise, but it looks like the Mouse House still wants to encash from the franchise. Depp first portrayed the iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow in 2001 in Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl. At present, Depp is in the middle of a legal battle with The Sun as the publication accused him of physically abusing Amber Heard. The entire hearing of the case will take place on March 23 and Heard is also said to testify. Amber Heard wrote an op-ed in December 2018 for Washington Post where she 'revealed' that she was a victim of domestic abuse. Right afterward, Depp launched a $50 million lawsuit against the actress denying all the claims made by her. 


Depp claimed that Heard has fabricated the domestic violence allegations against him and his lawyers argued that it was done in order to 'smear' his name publicly. 

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