Jon Snow Finally KNOWS Daenerys Targaryen Is His Aunt, And Twitter Is Flipping Out!

Jon Snow Finally KNOWS Daenerys Targaryen Is His Aunt, And Twitter Is Flipping Out!

What is going to happen between Jon and Dany now that they're officially related? Things are about to get real AWKWARD in Game of Thrones! *Spoilers Ahead*

Game Of Thrones is finally here! And boy did it deliver! Fans have been waiting for Winter to come for a long time and as expected, it has really got a lot of talking. Especially with regards to the awkward relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, reports TIME

If you haven't watched the episode yet and you are one of those brave souls who doesn't get affected by spoilers, we have got all the deets here! But, seriously though! What are you even waiting for? 



Well, discarding the fact that "Jon Snow knows nothing", the King in the North finally knows something real! Jon Snow learns about his true parentage and that he is Aegon Targaryen -- but what is going to happen between Jon and Dany now that they're officially related? Things are about to get real AWKWARD! *Spoilers Ahead*



Everybody knew about this. It was only a matter of time that Jon Snow knew that he is the son of Rheagar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark — which means he’s a trueborn Targaryen and not a bastard.



Let us recall how it all started -- Bran and Sam had put together all the clues last season about Jon's true lineage.  Sam and Gilly had found documents at the Citadel that mentioned Rhaegar eloped with Lyanna Stark and that he had annulled his marriage to Elia Martell.

Following this, Bran uses his greenseer abilities to envision the secret marriage and even found out that Jon was born in the Tower of Joy. This confirmed that Jon was never a bastard but was indeed the true heir to the Iron Throne. 






But in the first episode of the final season, Jon finally got to know about his parentage, thanks to Samwell Tarly who revealed this information to the King of the North.

Although at first, Jon doesn't believe Sam, ultimately he finds out that he is not the son of Ned Stark as everyone believed.




This goes to prove that Ned has indeed been lying to Jon all these years, however only to protect him. If people knew about his lineage, his life would have been in grave danger especially from Robert Baratheon himself, considering his protestations of love for Lyanna. 



All said and done, Twitter has been flipping out about the fact that Jon Snow knows his aunt is none other than Daenerys and that means, things are going to be way too awkward even as Night King and the white walkers are on their way to Winterfell.

And let's not forget all the memes that come along with the storyline now. 



Meanwhile, a Twitter user wrote, "I think the dragons can smell the incest between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Jon, You're sleeping with your aunt." While another wrote: "Jon Snow: It’s cold up here for a southern girl Daenerys: Then keep your aunt warm"




While a Twitter user got straight to the point: "knee ways, let’s discuss! i think daenerys will be mad at sam or not believe because he spilled the tea to jon snow right after she told sam that she burned them alive also, i screamed at jon snow being more shocked that ned lied to him than knowing he fucked his aunt [sic]"

Recently, Kit Harington spoke about how Game of Thrones had changed his life during an interview with TODAY. He said., Thrones, it’s given me possibly my future family. It’s given me my wife, it’s given me friends for life. It’s got a character I love, I will love, more than any other character I’ll ever play."




Fans are absolutely in love with Harington's character but the fact that he has been romantically involved with his aunt has got them really awkward. Now, we can't wait to see how the other characters will react to their relationship, more so how would the Queen react to this! Well, all we can do is wait and watch! 

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