People Are Now Urging To Have Gender Neutral Toilets In Schools And Julia Roberts Is One Of Them!

People Are Now Urging To Have Gender Neutral Toilets In Schools And Julia Roberts Is One Of Them!

The 51-year-old American actress has openend up on the issue and has revealed she 'wishes' that all the toilets were gender neutral.

One of the most loved celebrities in the world, Julia Roberts has taken to her social media to express her thoughts on the idea of having gender-neutral toilets and not everybody is agreeing with her. The 51-year-old took a picture of herself outside a gender-neutral toilet and shared it on her Instagram with a caption which read, "I wish they all said this," pointing towards the sign outside the toilet which signified that it can be used by women, men, LGBTQ community, and the physically challenged. She also added that everyone should check out her Instagram story and what she said wasn't so well received by the fans.



"Hi everybody, I wanted to talk to you about an organization I feel really strongly about. It’s called GLSEN," Roberts said in the story video. "GLSEN makes schools safe for every student no matter your sexual orientation or gender identity, I’ve donated, I’m asking you to. Click that donation button, every dollar helps." The organization aims to have gender-neutral toilets in schools to ensure that children feel safe.



Not only that, the community believes that different gender toilets promote harassment towards people who don't identify as a particular biological gender. "These bathrooms in schools also pose difficulty to transgender and gender nonconforming students. GLSEN research shows that nearly two-thirds of transgender students avoid school bathrooms because of feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. They risk verbal and physical harassment, no matter which of the two, sex-segregated bathrooms they enter."



"Over half of transgender students report that they were required to use the bathroom of their legal sex rather than the one that they feel most comfortable using. The U.S. Department of Justice has deemed this requirement illegal under Title IX," their reports reads adding further that the only solution to help kids get over these problems is to install gender-neutral toilets and bathrooms in schools.



"While this solution is not new, what is, in fact, new is the notion that the needs of all students deserve to be met. And while this solution is not radical, what is, in fact, radical is the positive impact that this solution has on transgender, gender nonconforming, and all students for whom privacy in bathrooms benefits their wellbeing. GLSEN Oregon stands as a strong advocate for gender-neutral bathrooms in schools." Do you think gender-neutral toilets should be made mandatory in schools? This issue has always been debatable and has received mixed reactions from the public.



At least we now know which side of the wall Julia Roberts is on. Multiple people have taken Roberts' side and are supporting gender neutral toilets in schools including Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks' wife. Also, this isn't the first time Julia has done her part to promote gender neutrality. On the occasion of her 49th birthday, the actress urged her fans to make donations of $49 to GLSEN, as reported by People.



"It is my pleasure every year to support GLSEN. I love this night. I told the kids backstage … that this is like my third favorite night of the year — and one and two, but don’t tell anyone. But one of the three nights might be my birthday, which is next Friday,” Roberts continued. “If you wake up next Friday and think, ‘What should I get Julia for her birthday?’ then donate to GLSEN. I’m going to be 49, so a $49 donation would be great. Thank you," said Roberts. Do you think making gender-neutral toilets compulsory in schools is a good idea?




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