Kids With Down Syndrome Pose As Their Favorite Disney Characters In Magical Photoshoot

Kids With Down Syndrome Pose As Their Favorite Disney Characters In Magical Photoshoot

Photographer Nicole Louise arranged this beautiful Disney-themed photoshoot and it's adorable.

Cover Image Credits: Nicole Louise Photography

Every single person on this Earth is beautiful in their own way. Nicole Louise Perkins, a UK based photographer had recently arranged for a beautiful Disney-themed photoshoot for children with down syndrome, reported Bored Panda. Perkins, who works as a special needs secondary school teacher in the UK, launched a 12-day 'Down With Disney' campaign to "celebrate and help raise awareness for Down syndrome." 



In this beautiful photoshoot, Perkins beautifully captured the children dressed as their favorite Disney characters from movies like The Lion King, Brave, and The Little Mermaid to name a few. Perkins said, "I created ‘Down With Disney’ because last year I began my awareness/celebration campaigns. I had done a Down Syndrome awareness campaign ‘Down Right Beautiful’ and it got a lot of interest.”




She continued, "It was full of information that would hopefully help new parents. As my following on social media grew with parents of children with Down Syndrome, I wanted to do something for them again this year which is where ‘Down With Disney’ came from. I absolutely love Disney and I know I am not alone, so I thought this would be perfect.” Scroll down to check out how magical these kids looked during the photoshoot. 

1. Beauty and The Beast 



2. Cinderella 



3. Merida from Brave



4. Aladdin and Jasmine 



5. Monsters Inc



6. Snow White



7. Peter Pan 



8. Mowgli 



9. Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 



10. Ariel from The Little Mermaid 



11. Simba from The Lion King 



12. Frozen



13. Prince from Beauty and the Beast 



14. Belle from Beauty and The Beast 



15. Aladdin 



16. Ariel from The Little Mermaid



17. Snow White 



18. Monster's Inc



19. Woody from Toy Story



20. Cinderella 


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