Kit Kat Bars With Mint AND Dark Chocolate Are Reportedly Coming This Christmas And People Are Freaking Out!

Kit Kat Bars With Mint AND Dark Chocolate Are Reportedly Coming This Christmas And People Are Freaking Out!

Are you a fan of mint chocolates? If yes, the greatest chocolatey-minty goodness is coming your way this winter!

I think all the chocolate lovers across the globe can agree on one thing - the fact that Kit Kat is AMAZING and no matter how much you have of it, it is NEVER enough! And well, while certain parts of the world enjoy various flavors of the heavenly chocolate sticks throughout the year, many others, including the US, is never blessed with the likes. Until now! According to reports, the classic Kit Kat we love is getting a minty makeover and an all-new mint-dark chocolate Kit Kat is coming this CHRISTMAS as if we were not excited enough for the holiday already!


According to professional food blogger Markie Devo, the mint flavored dark chocolate Kit Kat will hit the stores near you this December. "Although we have just passed minter, it does not mean we can’t plan for. This is the upcoming @kitkat Duos. A mint & dark chocolate mixture with those wafers we oh so love," he posted on his Instagram along with a picture of the upcoming chocolate we can't wait for!



"How do we feel about this drop?" he asked his followers and while some expressed their excitementttt, others pointed out how the chocolate already exists in other parts of the world. "I am buying cartons full and freezing them," commented a person on Markie's post. "Waaaay behind Japan but hopefully this is a nice start for things to come," added another. The wrapper of the chocolate looks GOOOD and we are counting days till winter! #MinterIsComing.


However, the company itself hasn't confirmed anything officially yet about the US release. Let's keep our fingers crossed and wait for the announcement we deserve! In the meantime, let's talk about the other Kit Kat product which was recently launched - the Kit Kat drumsticks! Yes, they are exactly how the name suggests. The drumstick coated in Kit Kat comes with chocolate fudge and can be bought at ice-cream stores!



The ice-cream comes in a pack of four because well, when has one Kit Kat ever satisfied anybody's hunger for chocolate? In addition to nuts, Kit Kat, and the wafer, the Kit-Kat ice-cream cone also comes with a vanilla filling, ultimately leading to the fudge inside. "Break me off a piece of that KitKat...ice cream cone! The chocolate shell isn’t any ordinary chocolate shell...it’s got KitKat wafer pieces embedded into it!" SnackGator, a food blogger, reviewed the ice-creamy goodness.


Fancy yourself a Kit Kat cone? Head to Kroger here and order yourself some! Dairy Queen also recently released a minty combination for St. Patricks and it was a major hit with the crowd. Named Dairy Queen Mint Oreo Blizzard, the treat is a mix of oreo, mint, and crème de menthe, all blended together in classic vanilla. For the month of April, the company has unveiled yet another soft serve - the Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard which contains Oreo, choco chip cookies and fudge.

(Dairy Queen)

This particular treat will be available at Dairy Queen stores near you till only 30th April, so in case you don't wanna miss out on an opportunity which might not come again, you better hop in your car and get your hands on this feast, spoil yourselves!

(Dairy Queen)

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