Playful Lion Terrifies Photographer With A Loud Roar, And Then Flashes A Smile At Him

Playful Lion Terrifies Photographer With A Loud Roar, And Then Flashes A Smile At Him

The 69-year-old photographer had leaned closer to the lion, to take a picture while he was on a safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Cover Image Credit: Gren Sowerby

Being at the wrong end of a prank is never fun, even more so if it's the king of the jungle pulling a fast one on you. A photographer got the "shock of his life" as his subject, a lion, let out a blood-curdling roar before smugly smirking at him.

Gren Sowerby, a photographer from England, was focusing his camera lens on a lion in Kenya when the incident happened, according to a report by Fox News. Sowerby said he was “taken aback by the sheer size” and the proximity of the lion. 


The 69-year-old photographer was on a safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya last September when an enormous lion roared at him. “I lent in to take a photo when he let out a huge roar — I got the shock of my life,” said Sowerby to SWNS (South West News Service).

From him being very still and quiet then for him to let out a big boom was quite something. He roared to say: "I’m the King of the Jungle’ and then I couldn’t believe it when he smiled at me like when someone winks at you to say like: ‘Haha!'” Gren Sowerby felt like the lion was sharing an inside joke with him after watching the photographer flinch at his roar. 


Sowerby said that he was "was probably 32 to 50 feet away" from the beast at the time. The lion was crossing a stream along with a lioness. "They had a kill in the bushes and I think he let out a roar probably to say that he was full!”

Despite being scared for a fraction of a second, the photographer said he was "really happy with the photos." “The King of the Jungle is always something you’ve got to capture and I’m so pleased I got the shot,” said Gren Sowerby, who was happy with his day's work during the safari.

Gren Sowerby is a renowned photographer and has been in the profession for over 35 years capturing wildlife, landscapes, events, and more.


After posting his pictures on Facebook, Gren Sowerby was flooded with comments. One user wrote: Is he smiling for the camera? Ha! Another great shot. He also posted the picture of the majestic roar that displayed the lion's teeth and jaws captioning it: The boss. Maasai Mara male Lion from the Sopa pride, the Mara's largest pride, showing what's in that mouth of his!


The playful nature of the lion also brings to mind a lion cub scaring the daylights out of his mother by pouncing on her. In a video that was released by the Royal Zoological Society at Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo, a two-month-old cub can be seen slowly crawling into position behind her mother before pouncing on her tail. The lioness, who was resting peacefully makes a sudden jump out of fear.  


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