Dream Job Alert: Made-for-TV Christmas Movie Is Looking For Extras

Dream Job Alert: Made-for-TV Christmas Movie Is Looking For Extras

Frankenmuth is set to be the backdrop for a film that will air on TV on Christmas Day this year. The production team is now looking for extras to appear in the film.

Residents of the city of Frankenmuth in Michigan are an excited bunch. Why shouldn't they be? It's not every day that the city is a set for a Christmas movie. If the grapevine is to be believed, the town is at the center of a Christmas-themed movie that is set to be filmed at the Frankenmuth River Place Shops reports ABC News. Now do remember this is a popular place among vacationers especially during the winter season. No wonder it's popularly also known as 'Little Bavaria'. Not only will the city be the location for the movie, but the makers of this Christmas movie are also looking out for residents of the city to be part of the film. Now isn't such hype and frenzy justified?  Well if you run a shop in a town and all of a sudden you get news that some big film team is looking for regular town folk to be a part of it, I assume people would lose their minds. Frankenmuth is known for its Bavarian-style architecture, rich culture, and small businesses. It is also a regular haunt for people who want to celebrate Christmas and especially popular during the holiday season.  The movie is set to be released in December 2019 and production is expected to start very soon. 


Many people like Bill Narita, a Lansing resident, regularly go to the city during Christmas. He said, "The first thing you think about when you think about Frankenmuth is Christmas. We come up here. It's a tradition we come up at least once a year for ornaments over at Bronner's." Jessica Haynes, the Director of the Marketing at River Place Shops said that shoppers at the River Place Shops may find themselves on-site for the upcoming movie. She said, "For River Place Shops, it's exciting just to be part of that kind of backdrop for this magical holiday movie. All of our tenants have brought out their Christmas decorations again."


She further said, "We're ready for spring of course, but we're happy to go back to Christmas and make sure that we have that magical atmosphere that the film production company is looking for." It's not just about the shops getting involved. Producers need extras who would be in the film as shoppers and townspeople, as well. "There's something about Christmas and especially the Christmas movies themselves that people love."

Hayes also added, "It's something that you share with your families every year, and it's absolutely exciting that someone from Frankenmuth, Midland, Bay City, Saginaw, all across the Great Lakes Bay Region can be a part of this film as well." Giving information about the requirement Hayes further went and said that Anyone who's interested can send their name and availability and their availability and their headshot to [email protected] "The company in charge of that will get back with you and let you know when your chance for the spotlight is," said Haynes.


The movie will film from March 6 to 10 and March 13 to 16 at River Place Shops in Frankenmuth. News about this Christmas production comes close on the hells, of producer, Andrew Gernhard, announcing an own Christmas venture too back in January. The producer's New Britain-based Synthetic Cinema International (SCI) is all set to produce a Christmas romance for Hallmark that will be shot in Connecticut and will be released next year. And guess what? His production is also looking for people for the movie.


A listing about the requirement highlights, "Seeking Non-Union locals for background roles in a feature film shooting in Connecticut. All must be able to provide their own transportation to and from a set," the SCI website reads. Andrew's earlier production, A Very Nutty Christmas (yes this was also themed around Christmas) was released last year, the television film featured Melissa Joan Hart and Barry Watson and others and proved to be quite a hit among those who are actually fond of the genre. 


On the topic of the people needed by Andrew's production, the producer has said that on some days, less than a dozen people will be required to turn up to the set, but there are a few days when 100 to 200 extras will be needed to get the movie going. Gernhard mentioned that "The director wants it to be as big as Connecticut can provide," for those scenes. One bad news however for participants. The film also promises no remuneration for your hard work. However, they say meals will be provided for those who stay on set through our meal periods. Time commitment will also vary, however people will have to stay for an entire day if needed. No audition is necessary. Groups are welcome, and individual signups have been requested. Information about hair, makeup, and wardrobe will be provided with schedule details after signup.

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