'Little Shop Of Horrors' Is Getting A Remake And Here's Everything We Know So Far

'Little Shop Of Horrors' Is Getting A Remake And Here's Everything We Know So Far

Reports suggest that Chris Evans has joined the reboot and will play the role of the sinister dentist.

This year has particularly seen a lot of remakes and reboots being done and Little Shop of Horrors is one of them. The official announcement was made by Warner Bros and the reboot will be directed by Greg Berlanti. It has been reported that the makers of the reboot are in talks to sign a stellar star cast with the likes of Scarlett Johansson portraying the role of Audrey, Taron Egerton playing Seymour, Chris Evans featuring as the evil dentist Orin Scrivello, and Billy Porter lending his voice for the carnivorous plant, Audrey II. 



It was reported by JoBlo that the shooting for the reboot will start this summer and the fans of the movie are over the moon after hearing this news. The official synopsis of the first movie reads, "Seymour, a meek florist who works at the aptly named Skid Row Florists, where he is under the thumb of the owner, Mr. Mushnik, but where he also is secretly in love with Audrey, who also works at the struggling shop. Seymour becomes a celebrity when discovers a venus flytrap-looking plant he dubs Audrey II, but his life becomes disastrously complicated when the plant demands to be fed human blood, and then eventually people themselves." 



The reboot will be produced by Marc Platt, Sarah Schechter, and Greg Berlanti. According to sources, the movie is said to be a musical, but there has been no confirmation if the movie will follow the Alan Menken-Howard Ashman compositions that were used during Frank Oz's 1984 musical or if it's going to be a new musical adaptation. Recently, one of the biggest reasons for Little Shop of Horrors to make the headlines was because Chris Evans has been reportedly in talks to play the role of sadomasochistic dentist Orin Scrivello in the remake. 



Scrivello plays the role of Audrey’s abusive and sadistic boyfriend. The reboot is actually based on the 1960 Roger Corman movie, which was again adapted to a popular musical in the early 1980s. Later on, it was again adapted into a 1986 movie that starred Rick Moranis and the role of the dentist was played by Steve Martin. 



If Evans confirms his part in the reboot of Little Shop of Horrors, it could reunite him with his Avengers co-star Scarlett Johansson. Evans retired from the role of Captain America last year after portraying the role for almost a decade. Evans also had a very important role in the movie Knives Out and the movie became a surprise hit and grossed $305.9 million worldwide. 



The first Little Shop of Horrors movie was directed by Frank Oz,  the screenplay was penned by Howard Ashman and it was produced by David Geffen. The movie starred Rick Moranis as Seymour, Ellen Greene as Audrey, Steve Martin as Orin Scrivello, and Levi Stubbs provided her voice for Audrey II. There is no news about the release date of the movie, but keep an eye out as we will update it as soon as something official is released. 

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