Thousands Of 'Lucifer' Fans Are Now Petitioning To Renew The Netflix Show For Season 6

Thousands Of 'Lucifer' Fans Are Now Petitioning To Renew The Netflix Show For Season 6

The petition already has over 112,838 signatures and 'Lucifer' fans are now clamoring to give the Netflix show a sixth season.

It has been a while since Netflix announced that Lucifer was getting renewed for a fifth and final season and it has now led to fans to start a petition to renew the show for a sixth season. Even though it was announced by Netflix that season 5 would be the last one, showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich said that the story would end on their own terms, and that has led fans questioning their decision. 


The fans have taken it further and there's now a Change.org petition asking Netflix to reconsider giving the show a sixth season. The petition reads, "It had been announced that season 5 of Lucifer will be it's last and final. I can't understand why they would choose not to continue with the fan reaction of the cancellation after season 3 and season 4, great reviews. So please, fellow Lucifans, join me and unite once more to show Netflix what the fans want and how many of us there are." 


At the time of writing, the petition already had 112,836 signatures and the target has been set to 150,000. Many of the people who commented under the petition are basically asking for a sixth season and while there were others who said the show deserves at least three more seasons. One comment reads, "I'm signing not just for myself but people all over the world who took lots of time & effort to save the show. While we're insanely happy to have gotten picked up by Netflix, the showrunners stated on numerous occasions that they have always been shooting for 6 seasons for the series, & now that S4 has turned out to be such a huge success, it just doesn't make sense to spend all the money Netflix did to acquire the show to end it after only 2 short seasons. The show & the fans around the world deserve the 6th season that was intended. Netflix - please reconsider!" 


Another one added, "It would only make sense to move forward with a season 6... Clever marketing and it would wrap the story up nicely. Still feels there is too much to be told for Lucifer and Chloe. Bad move ending with season 5." A third one quipped, "We love LUCIFER ... It's got so much going for it... The story could go on forever, Tom [and the entire cast] is great. Yes for season six. Absolutely ... Yes!" 


The efforts of the fans have not gone unnoticed by cast member Lauren German, who plays the role of detective Chloe Decker on the series has encouraged fans to let their voices be heard before the fifth and final season airs. Talking about the petition, she said, "Lucifans, if you want a season 6 or more let it be heard. We love that you love #Lucifer your support on social media is cherished and important. And if it’s only a season 5…I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. We won’t let you down. But if you want more let everyone know."

If you want to sign the petition, you can do it here.

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