Lush Has Launched Its First Ever Beauty Advent Calendar For Christmas

Lush Has Launched Its First Ever Beauty Advent Calendar For Christmas

If you were hoping to treat a loved one, or yourself, to the new calendar box that includes 24 full-size products and 5 retro products, you may be a little too late.

Limited edition sales are always exciting. Not only does it have the thrill of procuring a product that will soon be unavailable for purchase, but it also ensures that the quality of goods within is up to par. With the jolly season awaiting us in a few months, UK cosmetic retailer Lush has released a limited edition beauty advent calendar which the company touts as being 'The advent of all advent calendars.' 

Behind each dazzling compartment that the package arrives with, Lush connoisseurs will find all of their favorite cruelty-free, vegan and handmade products. The collection includes 24 full-size products and 5 retro products from way back when as well as some new limited edition pieces from lipsticks to body lotions. 



So it does look like the Lush advent calendar may just be the one to end all advent calendars. Seriously. Packed with some seriously amazing goodies, it's bursting with everything from iconic bath bombs to brand new bath, body and shower products to discover. There will be a combination of limited edition bath, body and shower products as well as five favorites from Lush past.

Described by creators Lush Labs as an "opulent advent calendar filled with splendor", all the goodies are contained in a beautifully handmade chest, with doors which open to reveal three drawers with 24 compartments.


Suzie Hackney, Lush Creative Direction said: “We always want to produce packaging that is beautiful and long-lasting. "When we approached designing an advent calendar, we knew it had to be something special that would have a life after Christmas too. "The drawers make this design really functional but you still have the traditional way of opening an advent - hunting for the number and having the excitement of revealing a new product every day,” she added. 


But it doesn't come cheap at a cost of £195 ($235 approx). Each box has been made in the UK and has been numbered. They have been made out of recycled materials and can be reused in the future. The calendars were made available to buy from Thursday, August 29, well in advance of the Christmas period. As of Saturday, August 31, it seems that the collection sold out like hot cakes as the official website has no more items in stock just two days after the launch. It's definitely plausible that thanks to the success and demand for this collection, Lush may release another one shortly. After all, we are still months from Christmas and it only took two days for this one to sell out. Heck! we might even need ten more limited collection releases before the holiday season is upon us.




Shoutout to Metro UK for confirming that once you’re done enjoying all the products, you can discover stories and interesting tidbits about the creation of the calendar by using the new Lush Lens feature on the #LushLabs app. You just scan the unpackaged products inside the calendar to get all the information, including an ingredients list and a ‘how to use’ demo, or scan the box to learn more.


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