Meet Jasper, A Hairless Cat With No Eyes Who Is Winning Hearts For His Unique Looks

Meet Jasper, A Hairless Cat With No Eyes Who Is Winning Hearts For His Unique Looks

Jazzy Purrs has become an Instagram sensation and rightfully so.

When you see Jasper for the first time, the hairless and eyeless cat will look like a creature from the Netherworlds, but feline fans on Instagram will know who he is. With more than 80k followers on Instagram, Jasper is no less than a celebrity. As you might have probably noticed, Jasper doesn't have any hair on his body, neither does he have eyes. However, he wasn't always like this. 




In an interview with TODAY, Jasper's owner Kelli said, "I got him 11 years ago this December. He was a Christmas gift. Some friends of mine always knew I wanted a hairless cat and got him as a rescue for cheap. At the time, we thought he was healthy." She said that Jasper would sporadically have a flare-up of the feline herpes virus and that caused runny eyes. Apart from that, everything was fine. 




But things took a sharp turn in 2013 when Jasper had his first corneal ulcer. Kelli said, "I rushed him to the emergency vet. He was in pain, and we decided it was time to get him out of pain and remove an eye. Five years later, it happened all over again." Even though Jasper can't see anymore, he has adapted well to a life without eyeballs. His owner praised the cat, saying, "He does pretty good. The first day home from the vet, he was climbing on the couch and on my shoulder and all over the place trying to explore. It was amazing to watch him."




She continued, "In April 2019, he had a stroke. With him being blind, it was harder to recover from that. He didn't have his eyes to reorient himself to the world. He gets around really well, but sometimes he gets confused." When Kelli is not home, Jasper stays inside a pen so that he can move around without hurting himself. Recently, Jasper got two new friends at home. One of them is Tessa, who is also blind and she's obsessed with Jasper. 




Kelli said, "A lot of people seem to have concerns I'm stretching this out and think he has no quality of life. Through every step of the way, I made sure I was keeping in touch with my vets and asking, 'Are we at a point where a quality of life discussion needs to happen?' As strange as it sounds, he has a good quality of life. He's a happy cat." Check out some of Jasper's amazing pictures and videos below. 































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