Meet Pickley, The Cat Born With The Most Gorgeous Green Eyes Ever

Meet Pickley, The Cat Born With The Most Gorgeous Green Eyes Ever

Pickley is so good with the crowd that he has no trouble with poses, and in this case, portraits! 

Theoretically, there are innumerable ways in which cats can amaze us all. Each and every day, we come across something wild and first-of-a-kind on the internet. How else would we have gotten to see this adorable feline called Pickley, and his stunning green eyes? Pickley is a Russian Blue who will be 3-years-old in April this year. His claim to fame was seen on ESPN when he showed off his incredible athleticism, leaping in for a toy in slow motion. His most notable feature is his eyes of course, which seems to have gotten the attention of thousands of fans and well-wishers. 


Prior to his rise to fame thanks to the sports channel, he already had his own Instagram account which you will soon be hooked onto. According to CatsonCatNip, Pickley's humans said: "He loves knocking lamps and really anything onto the ground." They added: "He once killed a butterfly, but he definitely felt bad about it." He is a very playful cat who is extremely fond of his favorite toy. "His orange ball. He loves to play fetch, but it has to be the orange ball or he won’t." Speaking of his co-dependence, they said: "he tries to be independent, but he’s the neediest cat in the world." You are going to love watching this young fella have his fun around the house, scroll down for more of his pictures! For the most part, Pickley is just like any other cat and loves to laze around his warm home. He's used to fame so he has no trouble with poses, and in this case, portraits! 



It still doesn't fail to amaze the world, on how well cats are at grooming themselves! 



As you can see, Pickley is very much into all fun things like lazing around and tuning into sports. He's also quite the showman and doesn't feel the need to stress out when all eyes are pointed at him. Appearing on TV may just be the beginning for this green-eyed wonder kid. 




Delicious food is never a bad option to win his trust, but you gotta do better than a few treats. 



His buddies too can surely see how cool Pickley's eyes are... like a visitor from outer space. 



Going on walks might look a bit unorthodox but hey, you can't say no to the beach! 



'Camera conscious? I don't think so'. 




Despite all things, his inquisitive nature makes him really startled at all that life has to offer. 



Lastly, he's a cute little 'un and loves to wear his fuzzy coats everywhere at home. Now, with his newfound internet following, Pickley has a lot of updates to keep sharing with us all. Which adventures is he going to go on next, and what sort of friends is he going to meet? Be sure to stay in tune with this curious cat's updates on his page here

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