See-Through Lace Shorts For Men Now EXISTS, And We Have Officially Seen Everything

See-Through Lace Shorts For Men Now EXISTS, And We Have Officially Seen Everything

The shorts are available with matching see-through lace button-down shirts. The Lace Me Up collection was first created for NYC-based rapper Cazwell's music video.

The fashion industry has a tendency to surprise mankind with some weird outfit or the other ever so often. However, while women's fashion advanced in mindboggling ways, men's clothing has more or less stayed the same. That is, until recent years.

The fashion world has finally taken notice of the creative void that needed to be filled in that sector and quickly got to work. Today, we see a whole lot more color, pattern, material, and silhouette options being presented to men and for the most part, we're very happy about it. However, at times, designers do think a bit too out of the box and the results are... well, not everyone's cup of tea.



Take these see-through lace outfits for example. These sheer, lace shorts and short-sleeve button-downs for men are the creation of streetwear brand Hologram City. According to a report by Cosmopolitan, the look was first designed by the brand's owner Hoza Rodriguez specifically for New York City-based rapper Cazwell's Loose Wrists music video back in 2017. In the video, Cazwell and four other men sport the lacey ensemble in different colors paired with white tube socks and sneakers.



While unusual costumes in music videos are quite common, the lace shorts and button-downs seem to have really hit it off with the public. Hologram City's Instagram page features a lot of photographs of men sporting these bare-it-all looks and we must say, we're kind of maybe sorta here for it.

Especially after seeing this stylish handsome young man rock the look in pink at what appears to be a music festival. Come to think of it, the Lace Me Up collection would kill it at Coachella! Anyone dressed in these lace shorts and shirts would definitely steal the show wherever they go.



Those looking to add these colorfully raunchy outfits to their wardrobe can do so by placing an order through the brand's website. However, they don't exactly come cheap. The shirts and shorts from the brand's Lace Me Up collection are priced at $42 each, meaning a full lace ensemble is going to cost you a whopping $84.

But then again, hefty pricing is one of the common traits of weird and unusual fashion. According to the product description of the shorts on the website, Shorts are made of all lace fabric. The design has two side pockets & one in the back of the short. Also has 5-inch white metal zipper & clear button closure. The bottom of the short has a 1-inch cuff. The waistband has belt loops & 5 inches of elastic in the back for a better waist fit. The short length is right above the knee and has a slim leg fit.


As with all things outside the box, the public does have a lot to say about the lace looks. Whereas a bunch of netizens are completely onboard with this becoming the next big thing in men's fashion, those who are happy staying within the traditional lines are itching to forget these even exist.

Lace shorts for men?! Y'all gotta chill with this stuff..., tweeted @MarioLopezExtra. Meanwhile, another Twitter user @DeannaWickey wrote, If you bring home a pair I am out of here! 

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