Metallica Quietly Donated $1 Million To Support Thousands Of Struggling Students

Metallica Quietly Donated $1 Million To Support Thousands Of Struggling Students

Nearly 1,000 community college students were benefited from the program as they became the first batch of "Metallica Scholars".

If you like heavy metal music, then one of the most well-known artists in your catalog would undoubtedly be Metallica. The band started out as a much harder and 'thrashier' style with dark themes and has since evolved into a melodic, power-ballad, metal phenomenon. They have won multiple-Grammy awards, have topped charts worldwide, and recently started their own non-profit initiative to help struggling community college students. Their project was dubbed the Metallica Scholars Initiative and aimed to provide $100,000 each to ten different community colleges around the country.



Their goal is to aid in the career development of young scholars and to help them improve their trade skills. According to the American Association of Community Colleges, which partnered with the band, the funds will directly support more than 1,000 students who collectively will become the first cohort of "Metallica Scholars." Higher education has become rather a costly affair of late, particularly when you are seeking the best quality and infrastructure for your future. Among the fresh batch of 'Metallica Scholars' are students attending North Idaho College, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. In an interview with the Idaho Ed News (reported by Insider), NIC President Rick MacLennan said the school used some of the funds to "benefit 38 students through tuition assistance as well as transportation and childcare for single parents."   



Aside from these amazing benefits, the schools will be using these funds to bring in better safety gear, purchase more books and learning material, and even award scholarships to their hardworking and intelligent students.  In a statement on the foundation's website, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said, "all of us in the band feel fortunate that music has provided us the opportunity to be successful doing something we are passionate about. We want to share our success with others so that they can find a job where they can do the same."



“The All Within My Hands Foundation and Metallica are proud to announce this major new initiative,” said Dr. Edward Frank, executive director of AWMH. “While the foundation continues our support for the fight against hunger and emergency community aid, we are now expanding our mission to include support for career and technical education. The goal of our Metallica Scholars Initiative is to improve career opportunities for community college students in the trades. Equally, we hope to raise awareness of the tremendous importance, value, and impact of the education provided by our nation’s community college system. The foundation and the band are thrilled by the quality of proposals we received from these colleges, and are excited to do our part to help educate students so that they have the skills and training necessary to find meaningful and well-paying jobs in their communities.”



The foundation was first established back in 2017 by Metallica themselves, as a means to invest in anyone who has ever supported the band. It ensured that Metallica fans are getting way more than just the music, as they engage in philanthropy and voluntaryism. The foundation is focused on supporting sustainable communities through workforce education (in addition to combatting hunger through an alliance with Feeding America) and is fully supported by the band, the AWMH board, and fans. All expenses of the foundation are covered by the band, the board, and a few special friends so that 100% of donations go to the organizations that they support.


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