Millennials 'Most Likely' Generation To Be Disappointed By Their CHRISTMAS Presents

Millennials 'Most Likely' Generation To Be Disappointed By Their CHRISTMAS Presents

A survey conducted by a research company polled 2,000 adults and showed that people aged 25 to 34 are most likely receive unwanted Christmas gifts.

According to a UK research company Which?, millennials have been identified as the most likely age group to be disappointed by their Christmas presents.

The Daily Telegraph reported that millennials were much more likely to have received unwanted gifts than any other age groups surveyed, with 37% of participants aged 25 to 34 saying they didn't like the gifts they had unwrapped. A poll of almost 2,000 adults revealed that a quarter of those who received presents in 2017 said that they were given one or more gifts that they were not happy with.

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31% of 18 to 24 year-olds responded saying that they hadn't liked their gifts. People aged 55 and over seemed the most pleased with their presents with only 19% saying that they got an unwanted gift in 2017. Respondents to the survey cited a packet of sanitary napkins, an out-of-date gift voucher, a pineapple cutting machine, and a hand-knitted penis warmer as some of the worst gifts they'd received.

The survey also investigated the approach that people in different places around the UK take to unwanted gifts. "Most of us have been in the awkward position of receiving a gift that isn't quite to our taste," Eleanor Snow, the consumer rights editor at Which?, told The Daily Telegraph. "What our research shows is that people have really different approaches when it comes to dealing with unwanted gifts."



The research found that people in London were most likely to try to get a replacement or a refund for an unwanted gift - 17% of Londoners asked gift-givers for an alternative, compared to 6% of the UK as a whole.

However, people living in the Midlands were more likely to donate an unwanted gift to charity, with 30% of surveyed Midlanders confirming this. Re-gifting was the most popular approach to unwanted gifts - a third of the people surveyed chose to do this, and 23% said that they donated the items to a charity shop. A tenth of the participants in the survey stated that they would sell their unwanted presents online on sites like eBay. 

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Snow advised gift-givers, "When shopping for gifts for others, we recommend asking for a gift receipt to ensure that if the recipient isn't entirely happy, they have the option to easily exchange it for something they'll really love."

But hey, just because they aren't satisfied with their gifts doesn't mean millennials don't love Christmas! A joint poll by NPR, PBS NewsHour, and Marist Poll found that American millennials are still the most likely generation to put up a Christmas tree - even though they didn't view it as a religious symbol anymore.





A whopping 96% of people under the age of 30 shared this view. And more than 2/3rds of Americans aged 18-30 say that they would prefer an artificial Christmas tree while only 17% would opt for a real tree. 

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