Widely Loved TV Presenter Fred Rogers Was Bisexual, And The Fans Love Him Even More Now!

Widely Loved TV Presenter Fred Rogers Was Bisexual, And The Fans Love Him Even More Now!

Fred Rogers from 'Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood' was bisexual. This information recently reached the fans and they are more than thrilled about it.

The biography of Fred Rogers came out sometime in 2015 and it revealed things most people, even the hardcore fans, were completely unaware of. In the book, the children’s TV presenter told his openly gay friend Dr. William Hirsch that if sexuality was a spectrum, “well, you know, I must be smack in the middle.” Mr. Rogers then confessed to Hirsch that he finds both men and women attractive. His biography, The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers, further mentions that back in 1975 he told The New York Times how he was not John Wayne and should not be compared to him. He mentioned that he was not the model man or the ideal man in the house. He was hinting at his sexuality and how it wasn't in tune with a major part of society's beliefs back then. Many fans of the beloved American host found out about these quotes thanks to a viral tweet by Cece Ewing, a book YouTuber with more than 32,000 subscribers.

A documentary on Fred Roger's life was made last year. In the documentary that was titled Won't You Be My Neighbor? his sexuality was questioned straight up but there was no clear conclusion that was drawn. The film played a clip of talk show host Tom Snyder asking Rogers if he was straight. The clip does not show Fred Rogers answering the question. However, it does go on to share an interview with Francois Clemmons, the gay actor who played Officer Clemmons on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” for 25 years. In the documentary, Clemmons backs Rogers by telling the interviewer that Rogers was not gay.


"First of all, no, he’s not gay,” said Clemmons. “I tell everyone who asks me, ‘No, he’s not gay.’ But I spent enough time with him that if there was a gay vibe I would have picked it up. Nope, not as far as I know.” Twitter users believe that they have uncovered evidence that he was bisexual which is why he never answered yes when people asked him if he were gay. More proof was found in an essay written by Michale Long in 2016. He mentioned that the soft-spoken creator of the children's TV program was not known for being macho. (Rogers) talked softly and carried no stick; his spirit was gentle and tender, patient and trustworthy, and receptive and loving, Long wrote.


As reported by Pride.com, the users on social media were delighted when they figured out that Fred Rogers was not straight. Some users even mentioned how Rogers has now become a 'bisexual' icon. The YouTuber who brought the topic up again on the 3rd of March wrote, wildest thing that’s happened to me lately is when I went to talk to my grandmother and she was like ‘did you know Mr. Rogers was bisexual?’ and my gay ass, gay of the family, Miss Family Homosexual had to be like ‘he was WHAT? She then quote-tweeted a post containing the crucial extract from the biography, which was written by Maxwell King, the former director of the Fred Rogers Centre.


Rogers passed away in 2003, two years after his show came to an end and almost three decades after it was first on the air. The fans had no idea up until now that the man was a bisexual icon. He could have been the bisexual icon during his days as a TV presenter as well. However, fans of the show are ecstatic that he was attracted to men and women. Some even referenced his routine end-of-show message to the audience, when he said, “There’s no person in the whole world like you, and I like you just the way you are.” He was most definitely talking about equality and love for all regardless of anything that society divides us by, even sexuality.


One of the users on Twitter wrote, Much like Mr. Rogers, you just warmed my entire life with a couple of words.  Others were just shocked that there was more affection they could feel towards the TV presenter. They claimed that he was way too lovable already. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Mr Rogers anymore… I saw this. wrote one of the users. Another tweeted, But now. All the feelings. Knowing a trusted childhood voice for me was someone like me. I’m literally choking up. Most of the users who came across this tweet were existentially delighted and welcomed Rogers into their world with open arms.


Fred Rogers was one of the best examples of humanity we’ve ever known, and it fills me with a profound joy to know that he was one of us, wrote one of his fans. Some of the fans belonging to the LGBTQ+ community expressed how they became very emotional after receiving the news and were glad that he was one of them. Some users were amazed that Rogers, who was also a Presbyterian minister, was so open about his sexuality. One of the fans tweeted, Hot damn. You’re telling me a CHRISTIAN PASTOR, tv personality and education advocate was bi?! AHAH! Mr. Rogers was too pure. I can’t take it.


One user said, I am actually a little surprised that he, as a Presbyterian Minister, ever stated anything so clearly. I do not find it hard to believe, he was just that kind of a person, but I am delightfully shocked he ever said even that much. When a different user created a viral rewrite of the song Uptown Funk by singer Bruno Mars, "Uptown Funk,” singing: “Saturday night and we in the spot, Mister Rogers was bi, come on! Bi! Mister Rogers was bi!" 




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