Attention: Mountain Dew Is Releasing A Mystery Flavor 'VooDew' For Halloween!

Attention: Mountain Dew Is Releasing A Mystery Flavor 'VooDew' For Halloween!

Move over 'Pitch Black', Mountain Dew is ready with an all new Halloween treat which will hit the stores soon!

With Halloween being only a few months away, it is officially that time of the year again when everybody is talking about Halloween! Funko is releasing Halloween themed vinyl figures, horror houses and theme parks are gearing up for grand spooky events, most horror movies are releasing in the next few months, life is GOOD! At least for Halloween fans. And, to make it even better and get us more hyped for the best time of the year, Mountain Dew is unveiling an all-new mystery flavored spooky drink, just in time for Halloween!



Feels good to know that you are not the only one pumped for Halloween right? I know. Rightfully called 'VooDew', the mystery soda is currently in works but it won't make you wait much longer as according to Delish, it will be available in stores starting August. Rumors of the product been in making having been here for about a year now but this time it is really happening. Instagram user @its_g_up has shared pictures of the bottle currently not up for sale.





"New Mtn Dew VooDEW, dropping August 14. #MtnDew#VooDEW #VooDEW2019," the user posted along with two pictures of the new Dew flavor. The label of which is a spooky orange and purple along with a scary cloak figure with just bones for fingers. The label also has '2019' written on it so we can say for sure it is coming out this year. There's a picture of VooDew's back as well which reveals that it is 0% fat and is 'not a significant source of other nutrients.' Well, honesty is scary.




The liquid in the bottle appears to be translucent, just like the original Limca. But does it taste like lemons? Apparently not. Even though we don't have an official word on it, the Instagrammer has revealed it tastes like - "Orange Cream or Candy Corn." Candy Corn sounds better and more Halloween-ish, isn't it? A couple of food bloggers who also (somehow) got hold of the drink currently unavailable and have revealed that it is more on the orange cream side.




A Youtube channel called 'myCountryMarket' has uploaded their review in an episode called 'Two Bald Guys Eat Stuff and Talk About It' and yes, they are funny. "It's a rumor no longer...Mountain Dew is coming out with something called VoodDew this Fall around Halloween! But what does this Limited Edition clearish colored liquid Mystery Flavor taste like?" they captioned the video in which they taste the drink and reveal it is like an "orange creamsicle."



Will you be trying out the spooky Halloween special? Hey, at least the bottle looks totally Instagramable and will suit your Halloween decor! Check out the video review below!



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