Muslim-Owned Restaurant Offers Free Meals To The Elderly And Homeless On Christmas

Muslim-Owned Restaurant Offers Free Meals To The Elderly And Homeless On Christmas

The restaurant's offer displayed their generosity with a simple note saying 'No One Eats Alone', handwritten on a sheet of white paper.

The holiday season is a magical time of fun, joy, and love for many of us. However, we mustn't forget that there are still those who suffer during Christmas time due to their social and economic condition. The homeless community is hit especially hard as it gets really cold outside during these months, and so are the elderly people staying away from their families. We can do anything within our power to make even one person's unfortunate situation a little better. That's what a Muslim-owned restaurant in London had in mind when they decided to distribute three-course-meals to those without homes, and the elderly in 2016, CNN reports. 


“No one eats alone on a Christmas Day!” it read, with the exclamation point modified so that it included a heart. “We are here to sit with you. . . . Any homeless or elderly are welcomed.” The note went on to describe the three-course meal that the Turkish restaurant would be serving from noon to 6 p.m.on Christmas day, completely free of charge. The menu had a soup and cacik, a Turkish herb-and-yogurt dip to start, and the choice of chicken casserole,e vegetarian casserole, or chicken shish for the main course, and a rice pudding for dessert. According to the restaurant's website, Shish has been in London since 1993 and specializes in Turkish meat dishes. “We come from the tradition of where many cultures are embraced from different cuisines under the one roof of Ottomans,” its website says.





The sheet would then be posted a month before Christmas on the windows of the Shish restaurant, in southeast London. The restaurant also posted a picture of the sign on their social media pages in mid-November, urging people to share it with anyone who might be alone, and in need on Christmas. Their message and request were immediately received with loads of positive feedback and comments. In just a few weeks' time, images of the sign had been liked and shared thousands of times, with hundreds of people expressing their delight in the restaurant's hospitability and kindness.


“Shish, you have no idea how much I love this,” wrote a Facebook user named Stephen F. Lynch. “I have been banging on forever that we need to stop blaming everyone else and step up and help those around us and not leave it to others. This is just amazing and I'm going to share your page to all I know. You guys are awesome for doing this and I hope those that can follow your lead. I hope this day of kindness rewards you 10 fold and i'm sure it will.....just don't be stingy with the pudding;) great job. xx” The restaurant would also reply to him, saying the gesture was motivated by a sense of community, not by a desire “to be known around.” “And yes we are not living in a wonderful world at the moment, and [it's] time for us to come together to stand up for each other,” Shish's reply read. “We will always be there and look after each other. Christmas is an amazing day as everyone should have the chance of having a wonderful day.”


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