People Are Literally Putting Dead Bugs On Their Fingernails As Nail Art, And We're Creeped Out!

People Are Literally Putting Dead Bugs On Their Fingernails As Nail Art, And We're Creeped Out!

There are video tutorials on Instagram by various nail artists detailing how to achieve this look that has garnered thousands of views and a wide range of comments.

In the age of bizarre trends going viral, this new fad of putting dead insects and bugs in one's nails is the latest nail art that fits the bill. Yup, this is really a thing, and it is garnering quite a bit of attention. 



On Instagram, an account known as Nail Sunny is one of the most followed, when it comes to nail art and beauty tips on manicures. Based in Russia, Nail Sunny has as many as 2.2 million followers, and this is by no measure a small following. While she gives a number of very useful hacks on the topic of her expertise, we think this one could be either a hit or miss with her followers. And judging by the comments, it is exactly that. 

Nail Sunny Instagram


One of her followers, @miss_photographer_1, wrote: Like this would be cool if you worked in the bug section of a zoo but not just for some other person that's f****** gross. Another follower @jjruiz.le wrote: ITS CRUEL...THEY'RE ALREADY F****** DEAAAAAAD. Others called it "Jurassic Park Nails." Then there were those like @amanda.e.cook who liked the idea and wrote: I might see if I can get this next time...

Be it mosquitoes or ants or bugs, Nail Sunny has incorporated all of these and many more dead creatures in her nail art. Who would have thought these tiny and extremely irritating bugs and creatures would turn out to be a part of some fashion trend. Nail Sunny has also given tips on how one can achieve this look for your nails. 


In a step-by-step guide for achieving this fossilized insect look. Nail Sunny first starts by covering her nail in glue. She then immediately puts the dead insect on the nail over it when the glue is still soft and it dries off. One has to make sure that the insect, although dead, is in impeccable shape and not all squished. How would you get that perfect look otherwise?


Nail Sunny uses a brush to place the insect in the desired position. Make sure you handle the insect gently so as to prevent its delicate body from breaking. Just when you thought it could not get any weirder, there is more!


Another Instagram handle called Deadly Nails that has pictures and videos of not only dead insects such as beetles, small spiders, and even little baby seas horses, but even bits of honeycombs, wings of butterflies, and a snake's scale as part of their nail art! Talk about taking things to a new creepy level. Whatever be the case, these seem perfect for Halloween. Are you brave enough to try this look?

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