A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Moonlight Lamp Exists And It Is 'Simply Meant To Be' In Your Room

A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Moonlight Lamp Exists And It Is 'Simply Meant To Be' In Your Room

Tim Burton fans, the ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas decor item is here and it is extremely gorgeous!

Stop whatever you are doing and listen to this. An amazingly detailed Nightmare Before Christmas lamp EXISTS and it is legit the prettiest lamp we have ever seen!

The decor item features Jack Skellington and Sally embracing in beautiful moonlight with Zero beside them and a couple of Jack-O-Lanterns around them. The top of it is decorated with a unique black fringe and the iconic moon scene from the movie.

(Bradford Exchange)


Even when not turned on, the lamp is a masterpiece in itself which is simply meant to be in your room if you are in love with the holiday classic. Sold by The Bradford Exchange and licensed from Disney, the lamp is fully sculpted and painted with hand.

The figures are made of resin and the set comes with a free blue light-bulb which gives an eerily enchanting moonlight look.

(Bradford Exchange)


About 20" H; 50.8 cm H in size, the lamp is $199.95 but you can buy it in easy installments. Plus, it is truly a work of art and when you actually get it, you'll know you have spent your money well.

Even the mini sculptures are so well detailed, it is unreal! Or, in case you are not happy with your product, which will not happen but still, you have the option to return it in 365 days, free of cost!

(Bradford Exchange)


'If you've fallen in love with Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, then this lamp is certain to set your heart aglow! Inspired by the most dreadfully romantic moments between Jack Skellington and Sally, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Moonlight Lamp boasts a Bradford Exchange special design that brings the magical power of a moonlit rendezvous to any room in your home."

"Licensed from Disney, this lamp is really two exciting works of art in one; the fully sculpted, hand-painted base is superbly handcrafted in artist's resin and stars Jack Skellington and Sally (followed by Zero, of course!), topped by a uniquely fringed lamp shade with even more romantic artwork. And every fabulously frightening detail is bathed in romantic blue "moonlight" emanating from the FREE blue standard light bulb that comes with your lamp!' the seller details the product.

(Bradford Exchange)


'Not a single feature has been overlooked. Standing at 20 inches tall, each sculpted element is flawlessly recreated from Tim Burton's brilliant designs, from the cobblestone walkway and grinning jack o' lanterns to the rock wall and spooky tree. Jack and Sally are poised for a special dance, every nuance of their timeless expressions perfectly captured. The shade is crafted of real black cloth and showcases romantic artwork from the film's finale of Jack and Sally atop Spiral Hill, the entire scene set aglow by the blue light bulb within."

"A silvery replica of the sculpted cat figurehead from the Mayor's car makes the perfect finial. Atop any table, as a bedside lamp, or proudly displayed on a mantel, any fan of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is sure to be thrilled by the impact this lamp will make,' it adds. Treat yourself this Halloween and bring home the decor of your dreams. Get it here. Or if you prefer, you can also buy it from Amazon. Happy Halloween!


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