People Are Now Getting Pumpkin Hair For Halloween And We Are Loving This Trend

People Are Now Getting Pumpkin Hair For Halloween And We Are Loving This Trend

People are really embracing Fall in the most beautiful way by turning their hair into pumpkins this Halloween.

Halloween is less than two weeks away and we are doing everything to get into the spooky spirit. Well, there's one way to enjoy Halloween with all things spooky, but Halloween can also be about trying out new things, especially with yourself, trying to bring out the best in you.  




And since the entire October is the Halloween month, we are all trying out new trends that go with the Fall mood. One such trend is slowly catching up and we honestly, love it! Yes, people are now actually turning their hair into pumpkins and it looks absolutely adorable! 




Imagine sporting pumpkin hair while you sip on your pumpkin spice lattes, all while carving your favorite jack-o-lantern -- it's Halloween at its peak!

Many people have made a donut bun on top of their heads, spray-painted it with orange. And to enhance it even further, they added green ribbon, pipe cleaners, and leaves among other accessories. Or you can just braid your hair and have shades of orange matching along with it. Your hair, your call! As reported by Best Products. 




People are loving this new hairdo and have been flaunting it on social media. Check out some of the pumpkin hairstyles that we absolutely love.   












Now if you are looking to take your makeup a notch above, you can even try out the bloody eyeliner that became a rage this Halloween. Not only does it look super creepy but it also looks pretty amazing at the same time. It's perfect for every gore-fan and horror-culture geeks out there! 




In this beauty trend, your eyelids literally look like they're bleeding and the color sticks, so it's almost like you're perpetually bleeding. While some artists opt for a really dark reddish color, others prefer to keep a light shade.




Many professional make-up artists have really worked on this trend and have mastered the art of bloody eyeliners with ease. Even you can try it out by experimenting with this trend by adding your own favorite color.

You never know, you might just be the star of the next Halloween party when it happens. Will you be trying it out these trends? Let us know!  



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