Mayor Lies In Coffin And Plays Dead To Avoid Arrest For Breaking Lockdown To Go Drinking

Mayor Lies In Coffin And Plays Dead To Avoid Arrest For Breaking Lockdown To Go Drinking

The Mayor was pictured lying in an open casket meant for coronavirus patients.

I get it okay? It has been quite a while since most of us have been staying at home because of the lockdown but it is extremely important to understand that isolating ourselves is one of the best ways to flatten the curve. While some parts of the world are reeling under the pressure to ensure people are maintaining the set protocols, the Mayor of a small town in Peru recently made headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. 



Jaime Rolando Urbina Torres tried to play dead after being caught by police for violating the rules of Coronavirus lockdown after he went drinking with his friends. Torres, in order to avoid arrest, was pictured lying in an open casket, meant for coronavirus patients, while wearing a face mask. The pictures were taken by the police officers who came to arrest him on Monday night in the town of Tantará, in the south of the country, reported The Times of London. Meanwhile, his friends attempted to hide inside drawers in the same room.



According to the police, the mayor violated curfew timings and ignored social distancing by going out to have some drinks with his friends. He was found in an intoxicated state when he was arrested. It is not known where he went with his friends or why they had an open casket with them. But this is not the first time Torres has defied government protocols and this incident is just the latest one among many. 



Previously, the Mayor had failed to properly implement the safety protocols in the town. Peru was placed under lockdown  66 days ago by the central government, but according to the locals, Torres has blatantly failed to be of any help and has spent only eight days in the town since the start of the lockdown. The absentee mayor was even asked to attend a town meeting on May 9 to defend himself after he flipped out on the locals.



While this kind of behavior is absolutely unexpected from a mayor of a town, Twitter had an absolute field day with this news. One person wrote, "Kudos to the cops for taking time to snap a picture before taking him in." Another one wrote, "He should have thought more outside the box?" A third one added, "The perfectly fitted mask was just a tiny trip too far." 



But instead of justifying his actions, he gave excuses for being an absolute failure to open emergency coronavirus quarantine shelters and his feeble attempts were shot down by his own officials. In South America, Peru is the second hardest-hit country reeling under the effects of COVID-19, and the failure to implement proper lockdown measures could have severe consequences. At present, the country already has over 100,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 3,000 deaths, reports Al Jazeera



Keeping these worrisome data in mind, Torres' refusal to perform his mayoral duties have rightfully enraged the people who are concerned about their own safety.

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