This Magical, Rare Baby White Reindeer Looks Straight Out Of A Disney Christmas Movie

This Magical, Rare Baby White Reindeer Looks Straight Out Of A Disney Christmas Movie

Spotting a white reindeer is a sign of good luck, according to Scandinavian traditions.

During these unprecedented times, all of us are in search of some sort of miracle or good news. It looks like nature and wildlife photographers are some of the luckiest people out there as they have access to amazing spots and unique moments. There have been multiple instances in wildlife photography where someone has captured the picture of their lifetime and shared it with the world.


A Norwegian photographer has captured a rare and lucky moment while he went on a hike with his friends. He captured an absolutely magical looking white reindeer calf in the mountains of northern Norway. Mads Nordsveen, the 25-year-old photographer from Oslo, managed to take photos of the ethereal creature that almost blended with the snow in the background. 


According to BBC, the photographer said, "I was walking in the mountains looking for nice landscapes for my travel photography when out of nowhere I saw this adorable animal. He came very close to me, and we looked at each other straight in the eyes. After some minutes the mother of the white deer came out of trees just behind. It walked around for some minutes before running back to its mother. It was very magical and a fairy tale moment.”



Nordsveen shared these beautiful images on his Instagram profile and said, "He almost disappeared into the snow!" He described the encounter as "very magical" and a "fairytale moment". Just look at the pictures and tell us if you deny these statements. According to Scandinavian traditions, spotting a white reindeer is considered a sign of good luck. 



Soon after Nordsveen was done capturing the photos, the reindeer calf slipped away, only to reunite with his mother a few moments later in the forest. In case you didn't know, white reindeers are considered extremely rare. In 2016, a white stag was reportedly sighted in Mala, Sweden, the New York Daily News reported. You might think that the color of the animal is due to albinism, but that is not the case. 



Their almost magical appearance happens because of a genetic condition that saps the pigment from their fur. People on Twitter were very quick to share their appreciation for this beautiful baby reindeer. One person wrote, "As in a fanciful Christmas tale, an extremely rare white reindeer baby was recently seen in Oslo, Norway, by photographer Mads Nordsveen. Simply enchanting." 



Another one added, "White reindeer are very special to me, I had white reindeer with golden horns in my novel "In Stone's Clasp." You could weave magic from their fur, and they were much more than they appeared to be." A third user added that not only reindeers but mooses too that are white in color. A fourth user corroborated the statement by sharing a picture and writing, " I had a white elephant, a white reindeer and now, white moose. Take your time, buddy."  

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