Pink Donates $500,000 To Australian Firefighters Battling Fires That Killed 480 Million Animals

Pink Donates $500,000 To Australian Firefighters Battling Fires That Killed 480 Million Animals

The pop singer has donated half a million dollars to the local fire services as Australia battles one of the worst bushfires ever recorded in their history.

Pink has pledged a donation of half a million dollars to help the Australian firefighters battle one of the worst wildfires Australia has ever seen, reports Independent. On Twitter, the singer announced: I am totally devastated watching what is happening in Australia right now with the horrific bushfires. I am pledging a donation of $500,000 directly to the local fire services that are battling so hard on the frontlines. My heart goes out to our friends and family in Oz. The artist, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, revealed that her donation would go directly to the local fire services. Over 150 fires are burning throughout the country, with Victoria and New South Wales being direly affected. The pictures of the devastating bushfires with bloodred skies and plumes of smokes were shared across social media, which has been burning since September and claimed 23 lives.



Pink, in her Twitter post, also shared links to local Australian fire services in need of donations, including the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, the Victoria Country Fire Authority and the Tasmania Fire Service. In response to Pink's pledge, tommybluez wrote: Pink thank you for bringing some humanity back to this world and being an amazing human. You are such an inspiration. Yet another stated: As an NSW Rural firefighter, thank you so much for supporting our country during these horrific fires.


Apart from Pink, several other high-profile celebrities including LaMelo Ball and Nick Kyrgios have also pledged donations to help fight the wildfires. In addition, celebrities have reached out to their social media followers on how they can send money to organizations in need across Australia. Another Australian celebrity, Celeste Barber took to Instagram and shared photographs of the sky was in a bright orange hue from her mother-in-law's house.


According to CNN, three fires combined on Saturday and formed a single blaze that was bigger than Manhattan. Firefighters have been relentlessly battling the fires to get it under control. These fires are said to be catastrophic in an already devastating bushfire season. A fundraising page set up by Barber on Facebook has raised more than £7m. 



Barber wrote in her update on the fundraiser page, "This is out of control! You are all out of control. My love and appreciation for you all are out of control. Unfortunately today the fires are due to get even more out of control." Shortly after this, she revealed that her family had been evacuated. As per the Independent, "high temperatures and strong winds in Australia have further burned the fire in an entirely different level across the east coast, as the authorities warn the worst is yet to come."




Prime Minister Scott Morrison who faced criticism over how he has handled the situation recently said in a press conference, "We are facing another extremely difficult next 24 hours. In recent times, particularly over the course of the balance of this week, we have seen this disaster escalate to an entirely new level."

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