Kevin Bacon Says He's Ready To Replace Robert Englund As Freddy Krueger

Kevin Bacon Says He's Ready To Replace Robert Englund As Freddy Krueger

Robert Englund immortalized the role of Freddy Kruger in the iconic Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

It has been a while since we have watched Freddy Krueger wreak havoc on our screen. Apart from his blink and miss appearance in Prepared Participant One, he also appeared in the 2010 reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street, with Jackie Earle Haley playing the role of the clawed demon. If you have watched the 2010 reboot, you will know that he was definitely good at portraying the character, but let's be real, he was no Robert Englund. 



Englund played the role of Freddy Krueger back in 2003 when Freddy vs. Jason released and in many movies before that. While there is a chance that we might get to see Krueger in the role again in a future movie, right now, the actor is making plans for who will be his successor. At NJ’s Monster Mania con, Englund suggested that he still wants to play the role of Freddy one more time, but for the next movie, he has another actor in mind. 



In a conversation with Bloody Disgusting, the actor said, "We need a Freddy that can do the next eight movies – or seven, I don’t want them to remake Part 1 again. I’m not Freddy anymore, you guys. I could do one more…probably. If you shot me up with vitamin c. But here’s the thing. I can’t do eight more, you guys. So we need a new actor that you guys believe in and trust and love that can go the distance.”



He continued, "He’s not a kid anymore either but the rumor I’ve heard that I like is Kevin Bacon. Kevin loves horror. He’s a real actor. He’s a character actor. Kevin was great in Tremors. Kevin was great in Stir of Echoes. And I’ve heard this rumor. We need someone like that to take it on. And re-do it, exploiting all of the new technology.”



In case you didn't know, Bacon is a big fan of the horror genre and he says he’s interested in taking on the iconic role made famous by Robert Englund. In a conversation with Perth Now, the Footloose actor said, "The reason that I found myself in these horror films is, for one thing, I'm not afraid of them - I'm not afraid to do them. I like them. But also because they require a lot of acting challenges. They're intense, you're dealing with life or death situations, and these are all great acting challenges." Meanwhile, when asked by Bloody Disgusting if he was ready to replace Robert, he said: “Sure. It would take a lot of makeup.”



Bacon's latest horror project sees him uniting with Stir of Echoes filmmaker David Koepp and he compared the movie with some of the biggest names of the horror genre. He said, "I'm really more drawn to horror films like 'You Should Have Left' and films like 'Midsommar' or 'The Shining' or 'Rosemary's Baby'. Don't Look Now' is one of my favorites. [Films] that are really emotional and character-driven. That's the stuff that I... mostly because it's great stuff to act, you know?"



With all the 80s horror movies coming back for a reboot, it looks like this is the best time to get a reboot of A Nightmare of Elm Street. This franchise would also be surely successful if it follows the same path that Halloween (2018) has followed. It would be definitely very interesting to see Freddie terrorize a whole new generation of children while reminding them of the crimes committed by their families in the past. 



In a conversation with We Got This Covered, Englund said, "I just hope that they take the time to look at all the stuff that’s been submitted in the last 10 years or so. And that means locking yourself at home or in a hotel somewhere on the beach, you know, and just sending out for room service and going through it all. Good time for that! I suspect that not only is there some great brand new stuff, but I suspect that there might be a couple of things that are 5, 8, 10 years old that were maybe second choices that should be dusted off and really examined. They may have really great bones and need a little bit of a freshening with the characters.”



The rights of A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is currently with the Wes Craven family, but Englund is confident that Craven's children possess the same instinct as their father, so there's a big chance of Freddy coming back. 

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