Robert Irwin Proves He’s Just Like His Dad Steve In Terrifying Snake Bite Video

Robert Irwin Proves He’s Just Like His Dad Steve In Terrifying Snake Bite Video

The 16-year-old recently shared a video of him being bitten by a snake.

In the last few years, 16-year-old Robert Irwin has become someone his late dad Steve Irwin would be extremely proud of. Not only did he turn out to be a spitting image of his father, but Robert has also followed his father's footsteps and is starring in his own animal documentary series. Just last week, Robert once again proved the same by sharing almost identical footage of him being bitten by a snake. 


According to a report by Daily Mail, while filming his docuseries titled Crickey! It’s The Irwins, the 16-year-old Robert was handling a carpet python and things quickly took a sharp turn. While filming, Robert can be heard asking the snake, "Are you going to be grumpy or are you going to be nice? “It’s alright, you’re going to go back home. There you go, buddy. There’s a good snake. Aren’t they just the coolest? I love carpet pythons. That is a good size carpet python. That’s so cool. I gotta tell you when I first found this guy." 


He keeps talking to the snake until he is cut off as the python tries to snap at his face. In the next frame, the video shows Robert's father Steve Irwin holding a snake on his show The Crocodile Hunter and in an almost identical way, the snake charges at Steve, which leads him to say the now-iconic words 'Son of a gun'. From the next moment, he continued as nothing has happened. 


Robert captioned the video writing, "After a snake rescue with this cheeky carpet python while filming for ‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins’ it brought back fun memories of a very similar situation that happened decades before in one of the original crocodile hunter documentaries!" One user wrote, "Oh my gosh! You and your dad’s ability to stay calm amazes me. You really have his gift." Another one added, "Like father, like son." A third one said, "Omg I love this! You are so like your dad." Robert also shared a side-by-side comparison of both of their bloody faces while still smiling and this is honestly the best picture we saw today. 

Instagram/ Rober Irwin Photography


Steve Irwin tragically passed away in 2006, when he was stung in the chest by a stingray barb while filming one of his wildlife documentaries. This post comes as the Irwin family gears up for their latest show on Animal Planet titled Crikey! It's the Irwins: Life in Lockdown. The show will talk about all the financial difficulties faced by them and the Australia Zoo during the three-month complete lockdown because of COVID-19. The zoo opened to the public with strict social distancing measures in place on July 12. 


The zoo was started by Steve Irwin's parents back in the 1970s. Steve took over the management in the 1990s. 

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