Ryan Reynolds Is Reportedly In Talks To Play Lion-O In New 'Thundercats' Movie

Ryan Reynolds Is Reportedly In Talks To Play Lion-O In New 'Thundercats' Movie

Film journalist Daniel Richtman took to Patreon to state that it could be a strong possibility.

Remember Thundercats, the amazing show from the 80s that had us all pretending to be sword-wielding warriors? Looks like the official Thundercats movie is finally at works and Warner Bros. is actively pursuing its cast and crew. One bit of news is that Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard is all set to be the brains behind the big-screen rendition of this fantastic animated series. We still don't know much about the other details behind this upcoming feature, like who's going to star in it, or when it will release though. 



There have been a lot of rumors circulating around who ought to play the show's main characters, reports MovieWeb. A prominent one that has been spreading is that Ryan Reynolds might star as one of the show's central characters. According to industry insider Daniel Richtman, who has had a great track record in the past, Reynolds, best known for his role as Deadpool, might possibly star in the movie. If anything, it is totally worth discussing and sharing, but don't keep your expectations too high, because it's still not confirmed yet. 



The Detective Pikachu star would be perfect as Lion-O, and that's just one of the many amazing characters in this epic show. The rumor is a good one, and let us hope that it definitely plays out. Other names that were mentioned included Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things and Vin Diesel the Fast & Furious star. None of these are substantiated at this point in time, but you never know what may happen. 



It's interesting to consider the Ryan Reynolds rumor for several reasons. For one thing, of course, it would be another amazing project to add to his slate. Reynolds is currently working on Deadpool 3, aside from Netflix's The Adam Project, a Clue reboot, and a new take on A Christmas Carol. So the actor's coming months are already jam-packed, and this Thundercats possibility could really be the icing on the cake. Another thing worth mentioning is the suggestion of Michael Bay's thriller 6 Underground (also starring Reynolds) secretly being a ThunderCats movie. While this didn't end up being true with Reynolds squashing the rumors personally, it brings things to a complete circle if he were to star in ThunderCats himself. 



It was back in 1985 that ThunderCats first came on as an animated series. It had many reboots and continuations over the years and still has a hardcore cult following among the masses. The story follows a group of heroic cat-like humanoids on a planet called Third Earth, which follows the aftermath of their homeworld of Thundera being destroyed. The most recent version of the series was ThunderCats Roar which aired on Cartoon Network between February and December of 2020. This upcoming project is going to be the first time that the franchise has been turned into a movie, so we are all pretty excited about that... Go ThunderCats! 


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