New blast furnace technology converts waste into renewable energy

New blast furnace technology converts waste into renewable energy

The Sierra Energy company has created a blast furnace called FastOx that can convert waste into renewable materials with no emissions.

The Sierra Energy company has created a new waste processing technology that could be a massive help in combating climate change. Called FastOx, this system is a blast furnace that injects both steam and pure oxygen into furnace, which raises the temperature hot enough to break the material down to its component molecules. Oxygen is continually pumped in, keeping the temperature hotter than the heart of a volcano without burning the amount of energy usually expected from similar processes. The FastOx blast furnaces has zero emissions and the gasses are captured to create clean fuel, ethanol, building material, and other environmentally sustainable products. 





The fuel produced by the process is 20 percent cleaner than California emissions standards. Experts are hoping that the fuel can be used in aircraft, fertilizer, ethanol, and other regular industrial uses. The first commercial FastOx system was installed at a U.S. Army installation at Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey County, California in 2017, to help achieve the Army’s zero waste goals. 

Earlier this week, Sierra Energy announced that they were able to close a $33 million Series A investment round, including investors like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, in order to further develop and commercialize its technology for municipalities and landfills so they can convert waste into clean, renewable energy and fuels.



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