This Man On Hospital Bed Is Actually A Cake And The Photos Are Freaking Us Out

This Man On Hospital Bed Is Actually A Cake And The Photos Are Freaking Us Out

The photos of this unique cake caused a Twitter storm.

A series of pictures of a smiling man on a hospital bed has people scratching their heads because the patient isn't at all who he seems. The man is British rapper Slowthai and we see his hands and limbs cut off despite which he appears to be smiling. It is when you look closely that you'll realize it's not Slowthai at all but a cake that's designed to look exactly like him for his music video "Feel Away." According to DailyStar, the cake of all cakes was made by Ben Cullen, a self-proclaimed "Cake King", as a follow-through to the trend that has seen bakers present their version of life-like sweet bites.


While most of the renditions have left people surprised with the craftsmanship of the baker, this particular cake has people losing their minds. In the pictures of the huge cake, we can see the man smiling at the camera while reclined on a hospital bed. He seems to be having a good time as medical workers surround him to conduct a checkup. It is when you take a closer look, however, that you realize something is amiss. The staff is holding cake in their hands, and the man is being cut open because he is the cake. So far, the picture has gone viral on several social media outlets and people just aren't able to shake-off just how disturbing this looks.


"My mom doesn't believe that it is cake so good job," wrote one person, marveling at the breathtaking precision of the cake. "This is fantastic and creepy at the same time," commented another echoing the sentiment many of us were feeling. Yet another had a question to ask as they felt the top half wasn't a cake at all. "Is the bottom part and right-hand cake?" they added. "The rest seems real." One more said: "That also brings new meaning to the term eat me! " One person was so impressed by the cake king's work but also disgusted at the same time. "You are so professional but this cake is horrible, I can’t eat that," they added, as several others seem to agree with the person.  Toya B added that amazed by how the baker got the veins in the cake's hand well.



A woman seemed to have a great idea that a similar cake could be baked for a divorce party as it would aptly convey the feelings between the couple involved. "You could have a cake like this made for a divorce party." One other added: "This is beyond amazing. Those saying it's disturbing probably don't think that when they are tucking into a chocolate Caterpillar.....so I guess we can say they agree at the immense talent here." There were a few people who likely the picture to Dexter. For the uninitiated, Dexter was a Showtime television series about a serial killer who would kill murderers escaping jail by cutting them into pieces and threw them on the Miami harbor. The show ran for eight seasons and had a total of 96 episodes. Coming to the baker, Cullen, he's been gaining popularity over the recent years with a considerably good following on Instagram for his work. The Birmingham-born Chester-based man has featured on Netflix's Extreme Cake Makers.


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