‘Home Alone’ Viewer Spots Bizarre Detail That Suggests Kevin Wasn’t Actually Alone

‘Home Alone’ Viewer Spots Bizarre Detail That Suggests Kevin Wasn’t Actually Alone

Have you noticed it, too?

Home Alone is one of those classic films that you can't help watching over and over again. For over three decades now, this amazing family movie has won the hearts of millions all over the world. Despite that, we still uncover new anecdotes and trivia about the movie thanks to social media, which blows our minds. Now, a viewer has spotted something about what actually happened at the McAllister's house during that fateful Christmas holiday in 1990, reports Brobible.

We all know remember how Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) gets into a fight with his older brother Buzz (Devin Ratray) and is sent to his room, which is on the third floor of his house. Then, the following morning, while the rest of the family was in a rush to make it to the airport on time, they completely forgot about Kevin. TikTok user @Jade.The.Jinx recently found out a mistake that Kevin's oldest cousin Heather made while making a headcount of the family. No, it's not the time where she counts the neighbor kid as Kevin, but the fact that she counts herself twice! In the movie, we find that Heather actually counts herself as number 3, and as number 11, before telling her parents: "Eleven, including me. Five boys, six girls, four parents, two drivers… and a partridge in a pear tree."

In her defense, Buzz was the one barking out random numbers just to annoy Heather, but if she counted herself twice, and one of the kids she counted was the neighbor, then she missed Kevin and someone else! You can watch the original post by the user here. It has been viewed over 1.2 million times, and no one has found an answer yet as to which kid in the McAllister family was also left behind.

Also, it's noteworthy to remember that the McAllister dad tossed out Kevin's plane ticket, which they don't realize even at the airport. But if there was an extra one left behind, who did his or her ticket belong to? And why didn't they raise a concern? These are certainly some interesting questions, and while all this paves the way for some juicy fan-theories, it could have just been an oversight by the filmmaker.

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Aside from that, Kevin also orders a pizza when he is alone at home. This begs the question as to how he managed to do so, given that the phone lines weren't working at the time. Additionally, Kevin's parents also managed to call the neighbors right from the airport when the phone operator told them it would be a few days before they are fixed. How was that possible? Anyway, thanks to these eagle-eyed viewers, these details have certainly spun a new light on the classic Christmas movie that we love so dearly, that we would have otherwise not have noticed. 

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