You Can Now Take A Stephen King Tour And Visit The Real Derry And Pet Sematary

You Can Now Take A Stephen King Tour And Visit The Real Derry And Pet Sematary

Are you a fan of Stephen King? If yes, then you need to go on this tour which lets you explore the places which inspired his horror novels!

Do you like Stephen King? Okay, don't answer that because who does not? But, if you consider yourself a major, MAJOR King fan, there's something you need to check out!

There's an official Stephen King tour, only one of its kind in the world, which lets you explore the places where the horror master spent most of his time. Not to mention, the tour takes you to the real 'Derry' and you can actually check out Pennywise's sewer. You're welcome.

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In order to be a part of the tour, you need to travel to Bangor, Maine, the land of Stephen King. Bangor is actually the fictional town of Derry, which is why it is a must-visit for hardcore horror enthusiasts.

And not only IT, but many other of his novels were also birthed there and the tickets to the tour are just $45 per person.

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What does the tour include? Here's what: 'Some of the places from IT that you will visit are The Barrens, The Standpipe and Birdbath, the cemetery where Pet Sematary was actually filmed, places that Stephen King lived including his current residence and many more!"

"We do 2 tours per day, the first usually starts at 9:00 am (but can start at 8:00 or earlier) and the second starts at 2:00 pm. (except in the winter when we need to start no later than 12:00 noon so we don’t finish in the dark)! We pick up and deliver at all the hotels in the Greater Bangor area. We can take up to 6 passengers in a comfortable, air-conditioned Chrysler Town & Country van, or up to 11 in our new Ford E350 Van,' the website of SK tours details.

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'We have been Stephen King Fans since 1974 when Carrie was first published and have remained so ever since. In 1990, we bought Betts Bookstore and always kept a complete catalog of both Stephen and Tabitha’s works in stock in hardcover and paperback for 20 years. Because of the help that the Kings gave us, we became well known throughout the world as the place to go to for Stephen King items," owners Penney and Stu Tinker added.

"During the last 9 years that we owned the store, we were 100% Stephen King. After selling the store, we decided to do Stephen King Tours here in “Derry”, something we had done for the SKEMERs originally years ago, and it has become a tremendous hit."

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The tour takes you to 30 Stephen King places and is 3 hours long. "You will see places that Stephen King has lived and worked, places that have inspired his stories, and actual film locations from his movies. Each tour is hosted by Stuart Tinker who has been featured on A&E Biography, City Confidential, People Magazine and many other national media outlets."

"As the owner of the original Betts Bookstore, Stu has over 20 years of experience selling Stephen King books and memorabilia. Stu is recognized as one of the leading experts on King Lore and legend, and he has lived all his life in Bangor, or as it is known in the Stephen King world, "Derry," Maine. Stu started doing Stephen King Tours for King fans and researchers over 18 years ago and has enjoyed introducing many new readers to the area that has inspired so many great books and movies." Check out more info here.


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