Steve Irwin's Son Recreates Iconic Photo Of His Dad By Feeding Same Crocodile 15 Years Later

Steve Irwin's Son Recreates Iconic Photo Of His Dad By Feeding Same Crocodile 15 Years Later

A decade and a half after the animal conservationist fed Murray the crocodile at the Australian Zoo, his son Robert recreated the iconic moment.

"The Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin left us all in shambles when he passed away in 2006. However, it appears that his son, Robert Irwin, is doing all the good conservationist work that Steve always wanted to do. Following in his father's footsteps, not only is he an animal conservationist himself, but he is also the host of Robert's Real Life Adventures, a program on the Irwin family's zoo's internal television network.

Most recently, he recreated an iconic photo that his father took while feeding Murray, a crocodile at the Australian Zoo. He took to social media platform Instagram to share the image. Needless to say, fans went completely wild.


Robert posted the photos as a side-by-side comparison of each other - and the resemblance is uncanny. Down to the last, minute details of their outfit, it was if Steve was around us once again.

Robert captioned the photo: Dad and me feeding Murray... Same place, same croc - two photos 15 years apart. Murray is considered one of the most dangerous crocodiles in the entire zoo, so one thing's for sure - Robert definitely inherited his father's bravery and courage.


Fans, of course, gushed about the photo in the comments section. Most notably, Robert's mother - Steve's wife - Terri commented: Steve’s mission is in good hands.

Former Today Show Host Lisa Wilkinson wrote: Can’t begin to imagine how proud he would be, Robert. Actress and animal advocate Emmy Perry noted: This is truly everything! Your dad must be overjoyed to see you literary walk in his footsteps!


Fans, too, shared their feelings of nostalgia. Southernmostfarmer stated: I think the whole world would agree, your dad would be super proud of you. Keep on rocking, man.

Audrey_cait added: Okay well I didn’t expect to cry at 7:30 am on a Wednesday morning but here [we] are. Exotic.pet.vet commented: Wow! These two pictures are incredible side by side. Thanks for continuing to spread awareness about how awesome crocs (and all reptiles) are!


Indeed, his fans are right. Without a doubt, Steve would be immensely proud of his son. The late animal conservationist was always keen on passing his love for wildlife advocacy on to his children. In an interview prior to his death in 2006, Steve was asked if there were anything that would want to make him give away what he was doing now.

He responded, "When my children can take the football that I call wildlife conservation and run it up. When they're ready to run up our mission, I will gladly step aside. And I guarantee you it will be the proudest moment of my life. My job will be done and then, and only then, will I know that I have achieved my ultimate goal - to be able to stand aside and let them run up my mission." It looks like Steve, even though he isn't here with us to enjoy the fruits of his labor, definitely achieved his ultimate goal.


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