Target Is Now Selling Black Succulents To Creep Up Your Home Decor This Halloween

Target Is Now Selling Black Succulents To Creep Up Your Home Decor This Halloween

These black succulents cost only $3 and they're the perfect decor to turn your home into a stuff of nightmares this Halloween.

Every major store had already begun rolling out their Halloween decor products even before October had officially begun. Now choices abundant, it is often difficult to get the best Halloween products that can turn your home into a stuff of nightmares.




 However, this time around, we may have just found exactly what you need for your perfect Halloween decor. Target is now selling black succulents for as low as $3 and they are truly worth every penny.

These gorgeous black succulents are available at Target's affordable Bullseye's Playground section. These artificial plants are a total steal and they don't even require watering or TLC at all. As reported by PopSugar. 




The black succulents come in matching black planter, creating the ideal monochromatic shelf-topper. People are absolutely loving these products and you better find them in your nearby stores or get it online before they run out of stock. 




You can get these on Target here, here and here. Currently, Target is selling three different black succulents that you can get your hands on. You can get either the Boxwoods, Haworthia or the Hemlock black succulents that are ideal for any home decor this Halloween. 




Many Instagram users have shared pictures of their black succulents and they are totally winning Halloween this time. "Last week a post was going around Facebook about black succulents and soooooo many people tagged me or shared it with me! Yesterday I found these bad boys in the dollar spot section of Target! Fake? Yes. Adorable? Also Yes," An Instagram user said.

Will you be getting these? Let us know here! 




Meanwhile, if you are looking for something more colorful and vibrant, don't worry we have got you covered. Trader Joe's is selling creepy sugar skull plants to spookify your home and office cabin this Halloween and they're dead cheap.

Yes, for less than $4, these ceramic sugar skull succulents feature Tillandsias (air plants), so you don't even need to look after it that much. All it needs is some water and a bit of sun and you have got yourself an amazing Halloween decor.




These skull succulents are available in various colors — including pink, purple, light blue, dark blue, red, white, and black. The mini skull plant costs only $3.99 while the larger one is $9.99. The size difference is quite evident, so choose accordingly to find the right one for your space.




Apart from Halloween, these skulls are also perfect if you are celebrating Day of the Dead, which is approaching around the same time as Halloween.

Happy Spooktober, y'all! 

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