'American Horror Story' Is Airing Its 100th Episode This Week And A Terrifying New Trailer Is Here

'American Horror Story' Is Airing Its 100th Episode This Week And A Terrifying New Trailer Is Here

The trailer for Episode 6 of 'AHS 1984' shows flashbacks of scenes from earlier seasons.

For fans of the show, American Horror Story (AHS) Season 9 is out with a new trailer for episode 6 that shows possible links to previous seasons. In the first five episodes of American Horror Story 1984, the ninth season uses classic tropes from horror movies of the'80s.  The Inquisitr initially reported that this season may be a standalone version, however, the latest trailer for episode 6 may prove otherwise. The episode aptly titled 'Episode 100' opens with a montage of clips from previous seasons of American Horror Story, including Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, and Apocalypse.




According to TV Line, this season has a strong connection to a previous season - one where Richard Ramirez (played by Zach Villa) was an honored guest of James March (Evan Peters) in an episode of Hotel. Perhaps we might get to see Sarah Paulson reprise a role she's played. Unfortunately, based on a recent update, Paulson mentioned that she’s actually not appearing in AHS: 1984 as originally planned. But it is possible that the series could connect the current season with previous seasons. 

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For now, we'll have to wait and watch to see how this season unfolds.  Season 9 of American Horror Story will return to FX on Wednesday, October 23, at 10 p.m. EDT. AHS has also been renewed for a 10th season, it has been reported. The show stars Emma Roberts, and in an interview with LA Mag, the former child star spoke about she prepped up for the horror role. "I watch scary movies at home," she explained. "I just rewatched Nicole Kidman in The Others, seeking inspiration for how to look terrified and cry in every scene. I watched [Netflix’s] The Haunting of Hill House, too, but then thought I saw the Bent-Neck Lady all over my house—I couldn’t sleep for a week."



"This year I'm playing more of the victim. I've lost my voice several times from screaming," the actress shared. What else scares the star? "Driving at night in the canyons is so eerie—Laurel Canyon and Nichols Canyon. Driving home at night up there when it’s totally quiet, no traffic, fog rolling in? Totally creepy. Especially for a young girl living alone. I’ve found myself on the way home calling my mom or my girlfriends, going, 'We need a sleepover tonight!'" Despite having over 13 million followers, the star admits social media scares her, too. "It used to be putting up with people in school being rude to you. Now school’s the whole world. But I can’t get sucked into the negativity—it’s toxic for your brain."


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