New York Homes Get Covered In Ice And These Photos Make It Look Like A Christmas Wonderland

New York Homes Get Covered In Ice And These Photos Make It Look Like A Christmas Wonderland

The buildings in and around Lake Erie was covered in a meter of ice and made it appear like a winter wonderland.

Homes in and around the coast of Lake Erie in the US have been covered under a meter of snow because of the frigid temperature and 5-meter high waves, reported CNN. The reason why the surrounding areas of Lake Erie have turned into a winter wonderland is because of a powerful storm system that brought blizzards to western New York last week. On Wednesday, the temperature dropped below the freezing point, and it was followed by two days of strong ice-cold winds.



Photos from a southern Buffalo town surfaced on the internet that showed almost all the lake-facing houses were completely covered in snow and what's even more surprising is that there was snow on the nearby trees too. Ed Mis, who has lived in Hamburg, New York, for the past eight years said that even though he has seen his neighborhood covered in ice before, but it was never this bad. He said, "It looks fake, it looks unreal. It's dark on the inside of my house. It can be a little eerie, a little frightening." 



His home was covered in several feet of snow and ice, and the backyard of his house was buried deep in 12 feet of snow. He also noted that there was no ice in his home or backyard on Thursday but by Friday, his home and surrounding areas were completely submerged in snow. The houses covered in ice made them appear like ice sculptures similar to what we saw in Disney's Frozen. While there is no doubt that the scene is absolutely stunning, the residents of the snow-struck areas are worried that such a massive amount of ice and snow would structurally damage their homes. 



The snow was so deep in some regions that the residents reported that their homes were completely dark, reported local NBC affiliate WGRZ. The residents also claimed that the ice was at least a meter or deeper. Mis added, "We're worried about the integrity, of structure failure when it starts to melt, because of the weight on the roof." The primary reason for such a massive amount of snowfall is because of the 48 hours strong gale winds that created huge waves and resulted in driving lake water up on the shore, reported the Weather Channel. Tom Niziol, winter weather expert said, "When you are down in the low to mid-20s, all of that spray that comes up and hits the buildings is going to freeze and make it a giant icicle."



By Friday, the ice had started to melt but Mis said that he is hoping the governor of the city will approve an emergency declaration in order to help the residents and neighborhood to recover. Mis said, "It's a beautiful sight, but I don't want to live through it again." Several other residents of the area took to Twitter to post the surreal images and honestly, we are awestruck. 



John Kucko tweeted an image of frozen statues, writing, "Welcome to Narnia." Lise Kreuder, one of the residents of the snow-struck areas told WIVB-TV said that she has never seen such a bad snowstorm since the 1970s and it has already affected her house. Kreuder said, "My garage floor is started to show cracks. Last night we took in a small amount of water." As reported by NSSL, "As a cold, dry air mass moves over the Great Lakes region the air picks up lots of moisture from the Great Lake. This air, now full of water, dumps the water as snow in areas generally to the south and east of the lakes."

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