7 health benefits of lying in a warm bath

7 health benefits of lying in a warm bath

Hot baths have got a lot of benefits that ranges from burning off calories to positively influencing your mood

Finding something pleasurable and beneficial at the same time is the best thing that could happen to anyone. One of the few things that offer both pleasure and benefit is a hot bath.  And, nothing is more invigorating than a hot bath which is just the thing that you need at the end of a tiring day. 


There are a lot of cultural traditions that uphold the benefits of a hot bath like the Roman bathhouses or onsen - which is a Japanese tradition of bathing. Here are 7 reasons why you should draw a hot bath and how it could benefit your health.


1. Baths assure the healthiness of your heart.

According to a research conducted at the Loughborough University, warm baths could reduce blood pressure. It was also found out that it helped in other heart conditions like heart attack or stroke. The heat from the bath would allow good blood circulation. It's like you're doing a simple exercise. 


2. They relieve symptoms of cold and flu.

If you are having troubles of a blocked nose or a cough, then a hot bath is just what you need. When your nasal passages are inflamed by mucus blockages, then the hot steam could get the blood vessel moving. This results in the loosening of the mucus blockages. Also, warm baths could help the immune system to resist viruses.


3. Hot baths could help you sleep better. 

At night, our body temperatures drop which is the result of the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that helps the body to know when you need sleep and when to wake up. Taking hot baths would normally raise your body temperatures. And, when you exit baths your body temperatures would drop down suddenly allowing the production of melatonin. And the result? You get to sleep like a baby. 


4. Hot baths burn calories. 

Steve Faulkner, a researcher at the Loughborough University, claims that hot baths can burn calories as much as taking a walk. Seems like you just need to take a hot bath just to burn down those extra calories. 


5. Hot baths could benefit your skin too!

At proper temperatures, warm baths could soothe irritated skin. When combined with oils like olive, coconut or lavender, warm baths also hydrates your skin. Oatmeals baths are good for dry and itchy skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 


6. Hot baths are the best when it comes to alleviating muscle pain. 

Heat is not only good for a better blood circulation but also to relieve sore and tight muscles. Adding Epsom salt has been seen to improve arthritis and other muscular conditions. People suffering from metabolic diseases like type-2 diabetes could benefit from hot baths because of their inflammatory properties.


7. Hot baths could help you with your mood.

Nothing could be better than a hot bath. They could leave a lasting feeling of good mood. Neil Morris, a psychologist at the University of Wolverhampton, surveyed around 80 people and found out bathing could decrease mental ailments like depression. The feeling of being in the warm water could "gives us connotations of being in the womb, and it is very comforting." Hot baths allow your body to relax and incites feelings of comfort. 











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