Attention: '90s Cult Classic 'The Crow' Is Reportedly Getting A Reboot

Attention: '90s Cult Classic 'The Crow' Is Reportedly Getting A Reboot

The previously shelved reboot is now said to be "back in active development", according to a report.

Pretty much everything went downhill for The Crow franchise after the original movie hit the screens in 1994. Back then, director Alex Provas brought the James O'Barr comic of the same name into life with the late Brandon Lee in the lead role. The movie was then followed by three sequels and also a TV series, however, there was not much the movie could do after that fateful run.



However, fans of the franchise can rejoice as a previously shelved reboot is now said to be "back in active development" if a report on Bloody Disgusting is anything to go by. At the moment, no further details are available as the project is still in the hunt for a new writer and director. The only news available so far is that Davis Films, Electric Shadow, and Highland Film Group are all still eager and attached to "finance, produce and distribute the film."



Sony Pictures, which owns the rights to the title, had earlier revealed that Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa would play the role of Eric Draven aka The Crow while Corin Hardy would take the role of the director. It was even scheduled to hit the theatres in October 2019. However, both Momoa and Hardy exited the highly-anticipated project even before it could take off which led to Sony scrapping the project altogether.


Just to jog your memory, the movie features the death of lead character Eric Draven and his fiance Shelley on the eve of their wedding day. A group of miscreants sexually assault Shelley and then kill her while stabbing Draven and then throwing him out of his apartment window. A year after the incident, a crow resurrects Draven and he manages to climb out of his tombstone with the memory of his murder still ringing fresh in his mind. Realizing the gang that killed —T-Bird, Tin Tin, Funboy, and Skank—are still active and running rampant in his town, Draven decides to avenge his death with the help of the crow that resurrected him.



The movie, featuring Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee and Rochelle Davis in the lead, did a fairly successful run in the box office amassing $50.7 million on a $23 million budget. The movie was well-received by the audience, earning a cult following since its release 26 years ago. On the critical front, the movie has a 86% fresh rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and a further 7.6/10 rating out of over 161,000 reviews on IMDB. Meanwhile, Lee died an untimely death after sustaining injuries during the filming of the movie.  The last Crow movie was released in 2005 - The Crow: Wicked Prayer went direct to DVD and featured Terminator 2's Edward Furlong in the titular role.



Before Momoa's involvement was made public, Boardwalk Empire's Jack Huston was attached to the play The Crow while Nicholas Hoult and Jack O'Connell were also in contention. However, there’s no news thus far on who will play The Crow in the latest reboot.




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