The Iconic 'Friends' Fountain Was Also In 'Hocus Pocus' And Our Minds Are Blown

The Iconic 'Friends' Fountain Was Also In 'Hocus Pocus' And Our Minds Are Blown

"I was today years old when I found out that the fountain from Hocus Pocus is the same as the one shown in Friends," said one of the Twitter users.

The 90s was a truly a remarkable decade. We had our favorite TV shows still playing, some iconic movies had released around that time, our favorite cartoons were still on air -- long story short, it was an unbelievable period of time that we still miss even today. 



Do you know what else is unbelievable? There is a connection between Halloween classic Hocus Pocus and the iconic 90s sitcom Friends and the internet is freaking out! 

We are talking about the famous fountain that most Friends fans would be familiar with — Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe all dancing around when the theme song, “I’ll Be There For You,” plays during the opening scene.



Did you know that this same fountain also featured in Hocus Pocus? The internet just found that out recently and everyone's going crazy! Well turns out, according to People, the fountain is located at a Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles, even though most fans believed it was in Central Park in NYC. 



And interestingly, it was the same lot where Hocus Pocus had filmed when Max, Dani, Allison, and Binx are near a fountain to celebrate what they thought was the death of Sanderson sisters at one point during the movie.

Funnily enough, most fans also believed that this scene from Hocus Pocus was shot in Salem, Massachusetts. What else have you not figured out yet! 



"Okay has no one ever noticed that the damn FRIENDS FOUNTAIN is in HOCUS POCUS?!??" said on Twitter user, meanwhile another added: "So Hocus Pocus and Friends filmed scenes in front of the same fountain and row of houses. My mind is officially blown." 



And that's not all. You can even visit the fountain, now a part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood. In order to preserve the fountain, it was moved from the Warner Bros. Ranch to the main studio lot. 

You can also have a self-guided Hocus Pocus walking tour in Salem, Massachusetts if you are a huge fan of the Halloween classic.



"The opening scenes of the film, featuring Binx as a human prior to his cursing as a cat, were filmed in Pioneer Village, a living history museum located at Salem’s Forest River Park. Pioneer Village was built in 1930 and is America’s first living history museum. Tours of the village are offered seasonally June through September, and today the park is home to different events and festivals throughout the year," reads the description of the Pioneer Village in Salem. 



You can also visit Salem Common where most of the outdoor scenes from Hocus Pocus were filmed. And interestingly enough, the film is also shown each year during Haunted Happenings.

You have to head to the Old Town Hall in 32 Derby Square and check out all the places where the Sanderson sisters cast their spells on the parents during the Halloween party.



Will you be going? Let us know! 

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