You Can Now Eat Seven-Course Meal And Solve A Murder Mystery At This Haunted Hotel

You Can Now Eat Seven-Course Meal And Solve A Murder Mystery At This Haunted Hotel

The Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma has been long-rumored to have ghosts in it, and now you stand a chance to solve a murder mystery and have dinner there.

If you love solving mysteries, especially murder mysteries, then we have some amazing news in store for you. Couple this with a quick weekend getaway at The Stone Lion Inn in Oklahoma and this will be a treat for you to remember. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the state.  



According to its website, the inn is home to the classic Murder Mystery Weekends. There are about 20 - 40 participants who try and solve the given murder mystery.  It begins on Friday and continues till Saturday morning.  A week before the festivities begin, guests will be mailed about the information regarding the murder mystery. In addition, details about what to wear, watch and read will be supplied to you to prep and get you in the mood for an exciting weekend.   




But that's not all, the weekend will also let you indulge in a fantastic and delicious seven-course gourmet candlelit meal reports onlyinyourstate. The Stone Lion Inn also has a graveyard out back where you can go and visit Elmer McCurdy's graveside. The festivities or the 'ghostivities' continue till 1.30 am. Click here for more details and information about ticket prices. 



According to hauntedrooms, this Victorian home was built in 1907 by the Houghton family and it was their personal residence. The Houghton’s were survived by their 12 children, but one of them died after being given the wrong medicine for whooping cough. Eventually, the family moved away and the house was transformed into a funeral parlor in the 1920s.  





The front entrance of the house has an embalming table and it was once used in the kitchen when the house was formerly used as a funeral parlor. The guests and employees of the inn have reported seeing apparitions in the mirror inside a suite. The apparition is said to be the wandering spirit of the former owner, Mr. Houghton. The upstairs hallway of the inn has had many EMF ratings where voices and whisperings were heard by many guests. Numerous reports of hauntings have been narrated by people who have visited this inn. Curious visitors from all over the country, too, visit the place to experience the supernatural.  Guests at the inn have apparently noticed things being moved around in their rooms, apparitions of children playing and jumping on beds, and claims of being "tucked" in when there was not a soul in sight. 

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