It's Official: 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Is Getting A Reboot & Here's All You Need To Know

It's Official: 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Is Getting A Reboot & Here's All You Need To Know

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot will be helmed by 'Don't Breath' director Fede Alvarez and writer Chris Thomas Devlin is also associated with the movie.

We have all grown up watching the 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' movies over the years. It's definitely one of our favorite cult classic horror movie franchises. And now we are learning that it will be making another comeback with a newly announced reboot. 



This time, the reboot will be helmed by Fede Alvarez and it will be produced by his new production company, Bad Hombre. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the reboot was announced as part of Bad Hombre's partnership with Legendary Pictures.

Apart from that, we know that writer Chris Thomas Devlin is also associated with the movie, but no further details are known about the movie. 



Alvarez, in a statement, said, "We are looking forward to sparking a new and meaningful relationship with a powerhouse like Legendary." Previously, it was mentioned that Campbell Grobman had the right to make FIVE Chainsaw films, but it feels like things have changed in that department.

The most recent movie in the franchise, Leatherface (2017), was a flop. 



The original movie by Tobe Hooper was a masterpiece and since then, it has spawned seven other films in total including sequels, a prequel, a remake, comic books, and a 3-D film. The horror movie fans were mostly impressed by Alvarez's take on another beloved horror franchise, 'The Evil Dead' in 2013.

'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' is known for having some strange continuity issues as well, so a fresh reboot ould be exactly what the franchise needs, even more so since most of the recent movies have bombed in the box office. 



Back in 2018, Legendary Pictures bought all the rights to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise from Kim Henkel, who co-wrote and produced the original film with the late Tobe Hooper.

Later on, it was announced by Legendary Pictures that they are planning not only a reboot of The Texas Chainsaw massacre but a possible TV series as well. 



Deadline also reported that Fede Alvarez and Rodolfo Sayagues will be working together under their production company, Bad Hombre, and they have signed an exclusive partnership with Legendary Picture and the production house has also confirmed that they are associated with the production of the movie.

The reboot is described to be a continuation of the classic tale in a similar way David Gordon Green's 2018 Halloween movie followed up from John Carpenter's original film. Most likely, it is going to take around a couple of years before we see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's reboot in theaters as the filming has not even started. But, going by the reputable talent attached to the movie, it will be worth the wait.

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