This Special Safari Lets You Shoot Zombies From Response Vehicles For A Fun Halloween Night

This Special Safari Lets You Shoot Zombies From Response Vehicles For A Fun Halloween Night

Sounds like a fun activity to do this Halloween.

Entertainment and pop culture has envisioned the end of mankind in multiple ways, one of the most popular ones is the advent of the zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead has already shown us the tropes to survive a zombie apocalypse for as long as possible, and now, you can go on a zombie safari in Dallas, Texas. Don't worry, it's all safe! According to a report by KSAT, Zombie Safari Dallas opens every Friday and Saturday from 7 pm-10 pm. 


Tickets are priced at $10 but it only allows you to ride on the Zombie Response Vehicle and watch your friends blast zombies. To have fun with the zombies and shoot paintballs at them, the tickets are priced at $25. In fact, the tickets go all the way up to $500 for private VIP parties and it includes a zombie hunt for up to 16 shooters and 2,400 rounds to kill zombies. 



The website reads, "We are a full service Paintball facility during the day and a Zombie Hunting Adventure at Night! Food, Snacks, Drinks, Face-painting, Corn-hole, Giant Jenga, Silly String fight area, Shooting Gallery and other fun stuff to do while you wait. We have hosted The Warrior Dash, The Zombie Run, The Zombie Race, The Survival Race, Color Vibe, Texas' Largest Paintball events, Habitat Automotive Show, and been featured on ABC TV's WFAA Good Morning Texas, A&E Networks Storage Wars Texas plus a great write up in the Dallas Observer." 



The safari is just 20 minutes away from downtown Texas and it is said to be one of the most unique and realistic Halloween attractions in Texas. Zombie Safari looks like a video game that has come to life and it allows visitors to hunt the undead with paintball guns. Ted Allsup, vice president of Zombie Safari said, "In October we turn our facility at nighttime into a zombie hunting grounds. Zombies are everywhere…. we get on the safari, and safari through our jungle here at cousins paintball. We have these special lights on the bus that light the ball up so you can see where they’re going into the darkness as the zombies are trying to attack the vehicle." 


Allsup mentioned that he and his staff have been hosting the zombie apocalypse for six years, but this year, due to COVID-19, the safari will be implementing social distancing protocols, lots of cleaning, and reducing ticket sales by 50%. They are also offering private rides that you can book with your 'COVID Crew' who will ensure that guests feel safe. Allsup said, "We only used to offer a few of those per evening and now we have bumped that up, and that’s actually probably our top seller." 


People were obviously very excited about this and showed their excitement on Facebook page. One person wrote, "It's fun shooting the zombies even though the guns are stationary." A second one added, "Don’t know how scary it is, but it might be a cool trip for the boys." 


What do you guys think? Does a zombie safari sound exciting to you? Let us know your comments below. 

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