Fact Check: This Video Of A Fox Feeding 'Koalas' Is Not From The Australian Bushfires

Fact Check: This Video Of A Fox Feeding 'Koalas' Is Not From The Australian Bushfires

The video showing a lactating mama fox feeding the hungry baby koalas turned out to be a fake one that has been shared since 2014 by multiple users.

A video of a fox mothering baby koalas in Australia recently took the internet by storm. The Australian bushfires have killed over a billion animals and injured countless others. It is estimated that about 25,000 koalas are dead because of this tragedy. Numerous people helped the animals as much as they could by rescuing them from the fire to providing them with water, food, and shelter, and conducting donation drives to gather more resources as the fires continued to ravage the continent. Moreover, videos of the continent's condition and the plight of the animals have been circulating the web in recent times. 



On Facebook, a video of a lactating mother fox seen feeding milk to a bunch of baby koalas went viral and won countless hearts on the internet. The user uploaded the video on Twitter, with the caption, "A Fox allows itself to feed Koala Babies in Australia. In #AustraliaBushfires babies have lost their mothers & many mother animals have lost their little ones. This is a fine example of Humanity." Many, many animals lost their babies because of the devastating bushfires, including newborns. In the video, the fox is seen waiting patiently while the baby koalas drink the milk until they are full. Understandably, it was one of the most heartwarming videos on the internet and Twitter exploded with responses to the same. 



While the video was absolutely heartwarming, it was later found to be a fake one. India Today Anti Fake News War room (AFWA) found the video to be misleading; it had absolutely nothing to do with the recent Australian bushfires. The mother fox is not feeding baby koalas, but they are her own fox kits. 



The video was found to be fake by using a combination of InVID reverse image and Google searches. Additionally, it was also found that this same video has been on the internet and has been circulating for quite some time along with various claims attached to it. Back in 2018, YouTube channel around the world uploaded the same video with the caption 'Female fox feeding young monkeys, rare scene'. In 2016, YouTube channel Balkan Music uploaded the same video with the caption, 'Mother Fox feeding her babies'. In 2014, YouTuber Luc Durocher uploaded the video, along with few other videos that show the mama red fox breastfeeding her children. There are multiple other video clips of the same fox shot from different angles that have also been uploaded by Luc Durocher and in other videos, the fox cubs can easily be identified and it leaves little room for error to confuse them with koalas. 


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