You Can Now Get Blackout Curtains That Make You Feel Like Living In An NYC Penthouse

You Can Now Get Blackout Curtains That Make You Feel Like Living In An NYC Penthouse

These black curtains with holes will create an amazing night skyline and an instant conversation starter.

Some of our sleep cycles are so sensitive that even a little bit of light or noise can break our sleep. As a way to end the woes, people with light sleep cycles end up buying blackout shades. Now the problem here is that they are not really known for being the prettiest accessory to dress up your room. But we have some good news for all the light sleepers. A Ukranian Company named HoleRoll has come up with an innovative way to combine functionality with fun.


Wouldn't it be absolutely wonderful if you woke up and for the first few seconds, and your room makes you feel that you are on holiday? These unique window shades come with tiny punch holes where, during the day, these pockets light shines through. They are also carefully designed to look like NYC or London skylines, depending on which city you choose. At night, the blinds create an entirely opposite effect.   


 The curtains come in a few different designs to choose from, and each consists of the skyline from a different city landscape. The product description on Amazon reads, "Not only do the Hole make a beautiful design right onto the curtain, but it'll also cast light and designs onto whatever the light hits, whether it's the floor, the wall, or the ceiling. The hole cut light design curtains come in a few different designs to choose from of different city landscapes."



It continues to say, "The blackout curtains with the unique hole cutout city designs will give your home or apartment an incredible touch of sophistication, and will surely be an instant conversation piece of anyone who lays eyes on your curtains." According to their website, "Once you roll it out and the room becomes involved in the pleasant half-light, and outside the window appears a beautiful view of the night city or the night sky."  


A roller design helps users pull the curtain down whenever they want to. In addition, it is made of German fabric that does not allow any light to enter the room, thus giving you the darkness you so desire besides the holes in them. It is also coated with anti-static and dust-proof substance; from behind to avoid the harsh glare of the sun, it is white and glossy. These curtains are sure to level up the look of sophistication in your bedroom or office and it's safe to say that the curtains will also act as an instant conversation starter. 


While ordering, you can customize almost everything about them, including width, the side of the control chain, what city landscape you'd like on the curtains, the color of the accessories, the type of roller blind, the width of the glass and the height. Apart from the city landscapes, there is also an option of Starry Nights sky in case you prefer starry skies. 

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