Artist Creates Incredible Charcoal Skulls And They Are Perfect For Halloween Barbecue

Artist Creates Incredible Charcoal Skulls And They Are Perfect For Halloween Barbecue

These charcoal-based miniature skulls are sure to turn heads when you fire them up at your next barbecue.

Cover Image Credits: Sekisadamu (@gorovodka)

When Japanese charcoal artist Sekisadamu came up with this idea of creating charcoal-based skulls, little did he realize how popular it would become. He showcased his work of art at the Wonder Festival, in Chiba, Japan, reports Oddity Central.  This festival is held for sculptors and amateur figure modelers for them to sell their wares. 



The above tweet roughly translates to: "Wonder Festival Winter 2019 Menu | Table 7-28-06 | New work | Skull charcoal | 1500 JPY / ea. | I'll bring more than 200 of them | They're made of 100% plant-derived ingredients | I'll put a heap of them on my bonfire stand, so choose the one you'd like. | I think it's the first time for this material at Wonder Festival. Please read the instruction manual and use them properly."



With that simple tweet, his life was about to change. His post soon went viral. It received 8.8k retweets and 13k likes. At the festival, his product was sold out in less than an hour and he was surprised by the overwhelming demand for it. It then got Sekisadamu thinking about the commercial viability of his unique and artistic product and catering to the people.  After pictures of his charcoal skull made its way on to Reddit, the demand for his product increased even more.  



So, how were these charcoal skulls created? According to designyoutrust, the artist, "ground charcoal into powder and mixed it with plant-derived ingredients to form a putty which he then molded into that shape."  Sekisadamu now has a website from where you can order the skull-shaped charcoals from for your next barbecue. You can visit it here.



However, if you happen to live overseas, there is some disappointing news for you all. These charcoal-based skulls are not shipped internationally.  The Japanese artist is said to have approached Chinese companies to help him with the mass production of his charcoal-based flammable skulls, but they declined without giving him a reason.  Sekisadamu believes it could be because of the processing of raw materials and the technique used for shaping which is different and complicated from regular charcoal. 

His latest work of art involves creating a life-size, ultra-realistic charcoal human skull made from 20 different parts to resemble an actual skull.

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