These Stunning 'Galaxy Flowers' Look Like They Hold The Universe On Their Petals

These Stunning 'Galaxy Flowers' Look Like They Hold The Universe On Their Petals

If you're one of those people who love the Galaxy, then this is the plant for you to have in your garden.

People are obsessed with all things galaxy. It's just the color palette and the appearance that has led to inventions like galaxy nails, galaxy leggings, and even galaxy lattes. Now, the question is have you seen the Galaxy Flowers? These stunning blooms are called Night Sky petunias, and this is exactly what you need to add some celestial magic to your precious garden. These flowers are native to South America and are classified as Petunia cultivars. They bloom in shades of deep purple with some white speckles that resemble swirly galaxies. 


Petunias have been popular in gardens from the 19th century,  but these Night Sky petunias were created and popularized by German breeder Selecta One just a few years ago. These fascinating flowers are like snowflakes, no two flowers have the same pattern. The size and spread of the flower's characteristic white marks are completely dependent on the temperature and lighting that the plants are exposed to.


You need to have a green thumb to take care of them as these are tricky plants. To achieve the ultimate galaxy in your garden, they need to alternate between cool and warm temperatures during the day -  around 75° F during the day and 50° F at night. If you keep them warm all the time, they'll turn completely purple, but in cooler weather, they'll turn predominantly white. Some gardeners of this plant also claim that the pH levels of the soil also influences the patterns of the flowers. According to Selecta One, cool temperatures coupled with high light levels will improve the quality of the plant greatly. 


Petunias are most commonly found with white, yellow, red, pink or purple flowers, but they also come in a large variety of other patterns! They bloom from spring to autumn and they need to be kept in moist environments almost constantly for best results. They grow up to 16 inches high if they are well taken care of.  One happy social media user wrote: "They are so awesome, this is the second year I have had them and I LOVE them!!!!!" Another commented: "I got these flowers from a local nursery this year and they are awesome! I didn't know they already had a name-- I have been calling them my Starlight flowers."


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