These Heartwarming Stories Of Kindness And Generosity Will Make Even The Grinch Smile

These Heartwarming Stories Of Kindness And Generosity Will Make Even The Grinch Smile

Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. Once you read these stories, you will be left with a warm feeling in your heart.

We live in very turbulent times, so whenever we read of acts of kindness, it is heartwarming. At times, when it feels like there is no kindness left in the world, it is important that we get reminders that not everything around us is monstrous. 


It is very easy to point out the inhumanity and cruelty to negate such a positive worldview, but even in such deeply negative stories, you will always find examples of people doing the right thing or at least trying to do the right thing. It is then that we shift our focus to people who are striving to make this world a better place. 


A similar story has been shared by a Twitter user who goes by the name of Lauren Hough. She shared her own story and what followed will leave you warm inside. Hough's story in itself was heartwarming, but when we saw example after example of ordinary people going out of their way to lend a helping hand to strangers and asking absolutely nothing in return, it somewhat restored our faith in humanity. 


The Twitter post by Hough read, "One register open. This lady couldn't get her WIC card to work and I shit you not, every single person in line behind her tried to pay the bill. Dude in front of me won. And pulled out an extra $100 to give her. In case you needed to know, a lot of people are actually alright." 


In another Tweet, she added, "No one even made a big deal about it. It was like they didn't want witnesses. But I mean, it's the shopping at midnight on a Monday crowd, mostly people who've been there." Her Tweet quickly became viral and people started sharing their own stories who've been there and those who haven't poured in.


One woman shared about a time when she was nine, a woman bought her a lime green shimmer hat she'd been admiring but didn't have the money for. Another Dollar General employee wrote about how a kid's card wasn't working one day and another person in the line paid for it. People who have known what poverty actually is are often the first to help others because they know how it feels to be in their shoes.


Many other people shared stories of both customers and pharmacists themselves who helped pay for their medicines when they couldn't afford it. Another Tweet narrated the story of how a police officer bought food for homeless people. They added, "Everybody counts, or nobody does." 






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