These Incredible Cups Turn Into Tiny Galaxies When You Pour Clear Liquid Into Them

These Incredible Cups Turn Into Tiny Galaxies When You Pour Clear Liquid Into Them

Japanese artist Hiromi Sato has handcrafted these steel sake cups with galaxies painted on the inside that sparkle thanks to the gold dust finish.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to get drunk on stars? Or, do galaxy shots? Then wonder no more because this Japanese artist has created these amazing sake cups that are out of this world. Hiromi Sato is a traditional Japanese craftsman has created each of these cups by hand. When the cups are filled with a clear liquid, preferably sake, you can see a unique galaxy inside each cup. The drunker you get with each gulp of these star clusters you down, the more incredible your experience gets.



Sato has handcrafted each of these galaxy cups that she calls "Sora Cocoro" using the lacquer technique. According to the official product description, "This product is colored by a technique called oxidative coloring." This technique results in the varied thickness of the transparent film on the surface of the stainless steel cup. The painted galaxies then look like they are expanding with twinkling stars when a clear liquid is poured in. This happens because of the refraction of light. The stars get their shine because the painting is finished with gold dust, that adds to the shimmer. 


Since each cup is handmade, according to Sato's blog, she takes a different approach each time she works on a cup which usually results in a unique design every time. The cups are currently being sold by Sansaku and you can get it here. Each cup is being sold at a rate of $100. Although the cups are currently out of stock, the artist has assured the cups will be restocked soon. Surprised by the demand for her unique product, Sato wrote on her blog, "There are no more cups available right now. We apologize for any inconvenience, please wait for a while. Thank you in advance.” Keep an eye out for the restock.


Sato is from a sixth-generation Lin Buddha family whose parents are both artisans. Her father is a traditional painter and her mother is Maki-e traditional craftsman. Under the guidance of her parents, Sato earned the Niigata Shirane Buddhist Altars, a traditional craftsman qualification in the Maki-e category. This is the technique she has used for her galaxy cups. "A work of stainless steel processing technology and the unique texture of oxidized color in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture," says the description on Sansaku. Niigata Prefecture also happens to be well known for its quality production of sake and is home to over 90 sake breweries, according to Bored Panda


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