Dinosaur Office Chairs Are A Thing Now And They Are Perfect For Every Workplace

Dinosaur Office Chairs Are A Thing Now And They Are Perfect For Every Workplace

These fun dinosaur chairs are available in four different colors -- blue, pink, yellow and green and are an amazing alternative to your boring office chairs.

Work can get boring and monotonous as we keep going in and out of the same routine day after day. Sitting on your wobbly office chair and staring at your screen till the sun goes down does not have much of an appeal to it. But what can potentially make work fun is, if it looked like we were working from a park or an amusement park bench.

These fun animal-shaped seats have got us excited and we would run to sit on them. Imagine running to sit on your office chair the same way. One thing's for sure, your boss will surely be on board. But this need not be just theory anymore, there are now fun dinosaur chairs for adults.



You can now actually get an office chair that looks like a dinosaur. A Brachiosaurus to be exact. The long-necked herbivore dino that was a part of the Late Jurassic period, millions of years ago, is now available in chair form. The dino's body allows for a perfect sitting position. You have several options, you can use the dinosaur's long neck as the backrest and sit with your legs on either side of its tail. Or, you can have your legs on either side of the dino's head and it will look like you're getting a ride from your dino friend and may just motivate you to work at a running pace. The third option is to just sit on the dino without interfering with his neck for any type of support.



"Dinosaur seats can make your company's work environment full of fun, make the office atmosphere a pleasure to enjoy, no longer resist sitting at the computer desk to start a day of work and perk up the staff," reads the official description of the chair on the website. The chairs are available in four different colors, blue, pink, yellow and green. The chairs measure 39 inches long x 17 inches wide x 39 inches tall and can support up to 300 lbs. The chair itself weighs about 28.6 lbs and is made from durable resin FRP. The chairs are weather-resistant and the color is long-lasting and will surely last for years. They are available at a discounted price of $560 and can be bought here



The chairs are manufactured by the Chinese dinosaur replica company, MCSDINO. They make giant realistic movable animatronic dinosaur models with accurate skeleton shapes, skin texture in the hopes to make the launch of an animatronic dinosaur park easy. The company has had vast previous experience that will help in planning the dinosaur-themed display events.


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